10 Most Relaxing Hotel Spas in Shanghai

05/19/20  |  Rebecca Perez  |  88 views


If you've been to Shanghai, then you know how fast-pace life can be there. Moving around from East to West side of the river, meeting to meetings, it's like being in New York, always buzzing around with something to do. Sometimes it's hard to just take a second, step back and enjoy the ride. Even if you go to the gym, or a restaurant there's so much noise around you that you can't really relax as you should. Here's my go-to solution for this : hotel spas! It's literally life changing, when you can spend a full day relaxing at a spa that is completely quiet, and meant for repos only. Unlike other places in the world, like Quebec that is renown for its water bath spas, Shanghai is very well equipped for downtime hotel spas. You're welcome!


1. Bulgari Hotel Spa



2. Langham Xintiandi


3. Shangri-La Puxhi


Photo Credit - Ritz Carlton Shanghai

4. Ritz Carlton



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