30 Day Detox For 30 Percent Productivity Increase

12/18/18  |  Rebecca Perez  |  168 views


SPOILER ALERT : You will get very productive, very quickly. I've been obsessing over my productivity in the last few months ; I've had so many ideas and projects in line for the upcoming year and wanted to get as much done as I could in the least amount of time. I believe in setting your goals high, and creating a vision board to execute on them. On my to-do list over the last few months was to create the GOSS Magazine in 60 days start to finish. Here's how I did it.

1. No Alcohol 

That's right. I noticed that drinking was a burden on my energy and productivity level. I was constantly going from meeting to meeting, drinking a glass of wine here and a cocktail there and sure enough by 7 pm I was buzzed. Got no work done past that time and usually would was up later than expected. Instead, I took time off alcohol completely. Zero tolerance. Sure enough, I went out less, came home earlier and scheduled lunch meetings over dinner ones. Let's just say this 30 day habit turned into a now six months lifestyle change now. 

2. No Meat

At first I started doing this for health reasons, but then I realized just how much more energy I had in the day when I would replace my usual beef / chicken plate with vegetables. It gave me more fuel for 12-14 hour days no problem. Whereas in the past when I would eat heavier lunches for example, it would put me in the wrong mindset and I couldn't get as much work done as I would've wanted to.

3. No Sex

Easier said then done, but also easier for me because I'm not in a relationship. If you're dating someone, then obviously this won't work for you. BUT if you're single, take a step back from the mingling for just 30 days. All the time "wasted" on flirting, dating and going out will turn into productive creation time! It's life changing I swear. Also if you've read my article on sexual transmutation then you know if you refrain from sexual activity and use it to stay focused and efficient you will create even better than you did before. Proven fact ladies and gentleman.

4. No Coffee

THIS had to be the hardest yet best thing I've ever done. Coffee is literally a drug. Once you "get off" of it for a few days you will get drowsy, develop headaches and feel more tired than usual. If you resist, then about a week in you'll feel better than ever! You won't even miss coffee one bit. Brandon Burchard talks about getting highs off oxygen into your lungs by breathing in and out from your nose repeatedly. I would try out this technique for a boost of energy or drinking hot tea. My ultimate favourite is hot water with lemon. Anything that will make you feel refreshed without any additives is good.

5. No phone after 10 pm

I put my phone on DND / Do not disturb the first and last hour of the day. This has changed my life. Firstly because I no longer get the gratification from messages or Instagram likes to start my day, but instead I wake up with a clear vision of my goals and how my day will go. Same thing with before going to bed. The less attached you are to your phone or devices the more present you become. That actually makes you more efficient and focused on your tasks at hand because you don't get distracted as easily. 

I would start here for now... This can be very difficult if you don't already practice at least 1-2 of these habits. Nonetheless I dare you to try it for a few days or even a week to start... Let me know how it goes. Always here for further comments or tips rebecca@gossclub.com