30 Under 30 2017

30 Under 30 2017

We’re back for our yearly list of 30 Under 30! This year we got a lot of nominations, especially on an international scale. As always we’re outlining the men and women who have stood out in their respective industries and who constantly push the envelope.

So proud of each and every one of these people who inspire me to be better and do better. I present to you this years list of savvy entrepreneurs and business titans. Keep killing the game.

*List is by alphabetical order.

Joseph Alfie 

Alfie runs a very successful independent wealth management practice at HollisWealth – a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. He represents high net worth individuals who are looking to grow and protect their wealth through strategic planning. He credits his success to hours of dedication, persistence and building strong long- term relationships with key business partners. When he’s not in the office, Alfie trains at APC and sits on community boards for various fundraisers such as Sugar Ball and Kids4Kids in Montreal.

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Amiram Avitan

Avitan moved to Hungary to pursue his medical career. Language barriers didn’t stop him and he persisted until he graduated in Dentistry. He now owns and operates his own practice Royal Dental Care in Belgium.

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Arielle Beaudin

Born and raised in Montreal, Beaudin is an entrepreneur and female advocate. She Co-Founded LORI.biz, alongside partner Stephane Atanga. LORI.biz’s mission is to get more women to consider entrepreneurship as a career path. This hub turned into an incubator, non-profit organization and blog. Beaudin is off on a mission to change having just come back form Africa. She also hosts networking conferences putting together experts in different industries. 

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Samuel Benizri

Benizri has grown one of the leading marketing firms in Montreal. Starting off with just three employees, two years later Platinum Marketing Group has grown to over 30 employees working with hundreds of companies. PMG specializes in event based marketing promotions, turning clients upcoming products into lucrative and high income businesses. His success has brought him to exotic locations such as Bahamas, Las Vegas and Philadelphia to talk about his expertise in this field. He recently got invited to speak in Punta Cana where he brought along the top guys on his team. Samuel is planning to open three more locations in 2018. He believes in hard work, turning lifes’ opportunities into a positive and building work ethic at a young age.

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Samuel Cuevas 

International model Cuevas was born in Spain, and has moved to 30 countries in 10 years for his modelling career. He recently re-located to Shanghai where he launched his international modelling agency, Nova Stars Models Management with offices in Australia and Spain. Shortly after he launched BeFit4Life, a platform that teaches men and women to learn strict regiments and fitness goals to become the best version of themselves. He decided to launch this platform because he saw so many beautiful models in his industry suffer with anorexia and self-esteem problems. He also serves as one of X Suit’s ambassadors. 

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Phil Cutler

Cutler is the Founder and President at GradeSlam and the Founder of Laurus Summer Camp. GradeSlam identifies and addresses knowledge gaps by providing schools with online tutoring for students and learning analytics for teachers. Involved in his community, he is also a Council Member of Westmount City.

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Chems Diouri

Diouri is a Registered Nurse, BScN Nursing Student and Co Founder of RN Privée a private nursing agency providing personalized services in mothers homes. Her background in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is where she discovered her passion for maternal/newborn care. Looking to further serve the growing health care needs of the population, she founded RN Privé with Co-Founder Katelyn Abbey. RN Privé is the first in Montreal to specialize in prenatal and postnatal care, providing nursing follow-up and assessments, prenatal classes to pregnant couples as well as follow-up when the baby is born. 

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Robert M Drake 

Also known as @R.M.Drake on Instagram. Robert has amounted over 1M followers for his book excerpts and poems. His excerpts have been reposted by celebrities such as the Kardashians and he is now a bestselling Author with over five books. 

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Luke Farrow 

Originally from Brisbane, Australia Luke is a videographer and artist who has worked with some of the biggest brands including Adidas, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior as well as renown actors such as Angelina Jolie. He is the co-Founder of BLNK media based in Shanghai and is now launching his very own all black jewelry line for men. All this under 22 years old! Some would call him a protoge…

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Kyle Feigenbaum

Kyle is a Private Client Analyst at KJ Harrison. After graduating with honours from JMSB at Concordia University he began working towards earning the coveted Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and will be sitting for the Level III Exam in June 2018. KJ Harrison is an advice driven discretionary investment management firm with a proven record of intelligent strategies, dependable results and highly personalized client service. Kyle spends his time in between Toronto and Montreal where he works closely with the firms’ affluent client base of Canadian individuals and families.

For more information visit www.kjharrison.com

photo credit – Val Hasani

Sasha Goreshtein

Goreshtein is the Founder of Shop Viixen, an online boutique for women. Only less than two years online, and Shop Viixen has become of the most sought after boutiques for evening and casual wear. Her style is authentic, trendy and high quality.

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Jacklyn & Leanna Hefter

Social powerhouses Jacklyn and Leanna Hefter joined forces to create Social Movement just four years ago. Both coming from different industries, Jacklyn with a photography/marketing backgrounds, and Leanna in events, they decided to combine their skills to create a platform for clients looking for influencers and marketing/brand strategy. Social Movement started as a social media management company, but quickly evolved as social media evolved. The company now has a team based in Toronto and Montreal. I’ve known the twins since high school and always knew they had an entrepreneurial gene in them 😉 

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Mariella Katz

Social media Queen, Katz was born in Russia raised in Bulgaria and living in Canada. After studying PR/Marketing she applied her strategies by branding herself, and opening Frenzr a social media agency that has now exponentially grown in just two years on the market. Katz has also just signed as a model with Folio, and creates workshops for social media/brand strategies. Her expertise has made her one of the top brands in Montreal.

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Fafa Khan

Canadian born Fafa Khan has quickly established herself as one of the most sought after international female DJs. Playing in cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Miami, New York as well as events and festivals like Osheaga and Igloofest. Fafa has opened and DJed for artists like Belly, ASAP Ferg, Akon, Sean Paul, Justin Bieber and more. Hailing of Japanese, Pakistani and Finnish descent – a renowned artist and designer, Fafa’s versatility in the arts is right in line with her diverse background. At just 18 years old, she began performing and holding residencies in her hometown of Montreal. Time and time again, her one-of-kind ability to read and play to any crowd, and stageful selection of hip hop in her sets, have set Fafa Khan apart in a league of her own.

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Jeffery Khoury

Founder of Doctor Pocket, Jeffery a JMSB student is an innovator, tech-savvy entrepreneur. Khoury has won multiple awards for his advancement in the medical field. The idea sprung to him over two years ago while he was sick, in a hotel room trying to find a quick fix solution. This Telemedicine app connects you to the doctor of your choice, at the time of your convenience, at the comfort of your own home. With a team of over 50 professionals all over the world, Khoury has been able to reach a rich network of Ivy League Physicians from: Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and McGill. 

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Estera Kostardjian 

Meet Estera Kostardjian, a Montreal #girlboss who has launched the first e-commerce all black fashion brand, 8LACK Official. Collaborating with top brands on the market, Estera’s vision came to life after she realized that there wasn’t a place where one can go shop for all black apparel. With over 10 years of experiencing working in the fashion industry, she developed a concept that stands out for its authenticity and facility. Think about it, a place where you can shop multiple brands in your favourite colour, that’s what black is all about. Kostardjian is driven, passionate and persistent. Her pursuit for success inspires women to break the glass ceiling and never take no for an answer. Find out the inspiring story behind building a brand from scratch.

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Samantha Kris

#BossingUp! If you haven’t already, join the movement. Samantha Kris is a Coach, Speaker and the author of Bossing Up, a pragmatic book that helps entrepreneurs turn their goals into action plans that last. Her book has been featured on Global News, Breakfast Television and various podcasts. Kris Recently travelled abroad to Ghana, Africa to educate and empower a group of women entrepreneurs where she shared her REAL goal methodology, an approach to leadership and best practices for growing a business.

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Julien Marlon

International model, actor and Youtuber with over 100K Instagram followers, it’s hard to miss him. Julien lived in France, Montreal and re located to Los Angeles six years ago to follow his dreams of becoming an actor. He’s been featured on the hit TV series Broke Girls, and his Youtube channel gets millions of views per video. 

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Anca Nicolle

Anca moved to Shanghai from Romania about six years ago. Her international modelling career brought her here but it wasn’t soon until she developed her business leadership and turned her networking connections into a business. After working for a luxury event planning company, she decided to launch her own company, Imagine Shanghai Events which caters to conceptual events targeted for high profile entrepreneurs and businesses in Shanghai.

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Maximilien Perez

Co-Founder and Creative Director of the fastest growing fashion tech brand on the market. Born in Montreal and living in Shanghai for the last decade. Perez has revolutionized the fashion industry starting with the X Suit, tech enhanced suit for men. The brand launched only six months ago and has already raised over half a million dollars through crowdfunding. 

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Maya Poon 

#Girlboss Maya Poon is originally from Panama city, living in between Montreal and Shanghai. Maya is the Creative Director and Founder at Mèche Studios. Launched in Paris 2015, Mèche caters to the Modern Feminist. A leader in minimalistic womenswear, Méche design luxurious and ethical statement pieces that strike the perfect balance between effortless and bold. This brand remains one of my all time favourites, each piece feeling like it has been custom made for the woman who wears it.

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Samantha Regimbal

Montreal #girlboss Samantha Regimbal is the Owner of the largest community platform in Montreal’s West Island: What’s up West Island has now expanded into the world with six other locations – setting up teams throughout Canada and even into the Caribbean. She plans on taking over the World this year with another projected 12 What’s Ups to come in 2018. She also has a homemade bath & body company “Sugar & Spice with love” that she runs with her sisters and is a PR strategist and blogger for the girlish companies in Montreal.

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Elisabeth Rioux 

Owner of of HOAKA, a swimwear company and movement. Elisabeth is a self love advocate who uses her influence (which amount to over 1.2M on Instagram) to give body image confidence and awareness. Elisabeth is a Quebecois entrepreneur who has built an overnight international empire. Talk about being #gossy.

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Aiesha Robinson

Aiesha Robinson, the 28 year old from Montreal is the prime example of rising above adversity; turning a negative into a positive. At the age of 18 – Robinson was diagnosed with a skin disease titled ‘vitiligo.’ Already having difficulties finding her true identity, losing her pigment seemed to have complicated things even more. However; Robinson was able to overcome her depressive state and continue living her life in a positive manner. Through her hardships, she’s become the founder of a non profit organization called ‘Born To Rise;’ she strives to help other individuals overcome any obstacle they may be going through. Robinson is also a model, and spokesperson spreading awareness about vitiligo, the skin disease that forever changed her life.

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Viet & Nam Sachika

Entrepreneur, restauranteurs and co-owner of Sachika Boutique. The Sachika family has many talents. Viet and Nam alongside their twin sisters, have created an empire of their own. Starting with the Sachika boutique for women, the launch of Geisha a restaurant in Montreal. Viet and Nam also organize high network events.

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Chrissy Sgourakis

If Haute Balloon doesn’t ring a bell, then you haven’t been to any premium events this year. Chrissy has quickly jumped the ladder and is recognized for her personalized accessory line in Montreal. A young passionate entrepreneur, Sgourakis proves that age doesn’t matter when it comes to building quality and a loyal client base. Having used her services myself, I can vouch for her professionalism and client care. #gossgoals.

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Maggie Semaan 

Deemed the Master Hairstylist – Maggie is renown hairstylist who is constantly pushing the envelope, Maggie has over 11 years of professional experience and has won several awards in various hair competitions – her latest title: 1st place in the world style contest by Davines in January 2016. Her worldwide classes are constantly booked. 

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Irina Terehova Leduc

Writer, model, entrepreneur and founder of Irina Tee media publishing company. Irina’s passion for writing and entrepreneurship allows her to travel across the world and experience different cultures for a living. Opinionated, yet irresistibly fascinating, Irina inspires people to follow their dreams and never settle for anything less than #lifegoals.

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Alexandra Toulch

Born and raised in Montreal, Alexandra was always fascinated with the entertainment world. At age 16 she worked alongside an L.A based journalist for the Associated Press Television News. She spent over two years working with her, spending summers in LA and working from Montreal. She furthered her education at the Montreal Radio and Television School where she received a diploma in both Radio and Television broadcasting. While completing her Bachelors in Communications, she started a video blog which evolved into REBL House, a leading video production and digital media agency with ver 15 full time employees and a growing list of high profile clients including L’Oréal, Browns Shoes, Marriott Hotels, P.K Subban and many more. Her most recent accomplishment? Her directorial debut on the HBO “Skate Past The Noise” documentary project. 

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