5 Tips That Increased My Productivity

12/31/17  |  Rebecca Perez  |  5739 views


I was going through some old posts on Goss Club and fell on the 6 rituals successful people do, written by yours truly of course. It's funny because those six morning rituals were studied and proven by very high net worth entrepreneurs but I had never tested them out myself. I  mean sure, I woke up early here and there or felt grateful for what I had worked for, but I had never done any of them consistently or on a daily basis.

Fast forward to a few months ago, when I was totally focused on a goal and needed my productivity to be VERY high. So I started reading more books and podcasts on ways to train myself. After absorbing books from Paulo Coelho, to Robert Kiyosaki, Mel Robbins and Impact Theory Podcast from Tom Bilyu - I started to develop these new daily activities. Robin Sharma says that once you do something for 21 days in a row, it starts to become a daily practice.

Here are five things that have changed my productivity and focus in my work/life balance: 

1. No phone in the morning/before bed.

I got this tip from Jim Kwik listening to Tom Bilyu's podcast. I only started to implement it in my routine 3-4 weeks ago and it is LIFE changing. Spending that hour in the morning and before going to bed without your phone is the best thing you can for yourself. Go spend your mornings with your s/o, with your kids, go for a walk, read a book, do ANYTHING but grab that phone to check how many likes your Instagram picture got, or how many emails are coming in. This is your time for YOU. Mel Robbins calls it the "million dollar morning" and she even keeps her phone out of her bedroom completely. 

2. Wake up earlier.

I've woken up at 6:30-7 am before, and started waking up every day at 7 am since I've been in Shanghai. The 5 am thing started once I downloaded "Sleep Cycle" and started recording my sleeping schedule. I slowly started waking up earlier and earlier until now 5 am is my average point. Of course because of this I go to bed at 10 pm. But I get the best work done from 7:30 am - 12 pm. I don't even realize how fast the day flies when I'm focused in the morning. I would NEVER think I of all people would be an early bird. I was more of a night owl who would work until 4-5 am. This time reversal has changed the way I do everything. I even have more time to spend with my family/friends and I feel less stressed with them because I get more work done in the morning. It's a very addictive habit once you start. 

3. Spend 1 hour outside or in nature.

I started walking to work which is 3-4 km from where I live here in Shanghai. I wanted to work out daily but couldn't find the motivation to get to the gym, so instead I walk. It's easier, takes me less time AND I usually listen to a podcast while I walk. Plus I'm in nature and it feels amazing. 

4. Read for 30 minutes daily.

Grant Cardone says you should read/listen and watch something every single day to improve yourself. I haven't tapped into the third yet but I do agree that reading or listening to something can increase your productivity. I've been also doing this for the last two months and have seen tremendous results in my work and personal life. Knowledge is power - there's so much of it in books.

5. Don't waste more than 5 minutes on useless things.

Your time is so valuable. I used to spend hours on the phone, or in situations that didn't really serve me in any way. Of course down time is important and needed if it's with family/friends or your s/o but if it's with people who are just sucking the energy out of you - get out of that space right away. Don't waste your time with negatives, build on your positives. 



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