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Welcome to Goss Club, the one and only worldwide women’s platform meant to inspire and empower so you can build your empire. I've envisioned a platform where women can come together, and thrive since I was a young girl. That vision turned into my reality in 2016, when I co-created this platform. I just imagined a world where the words “business” and “women” were synonymous with each other. A decade later, these words are now starting to manifest themselves. Everywhere I look, women are breaking glass ceilings. In politics, in medicine, in aviation, in NFTs, in real estate development. We, as a collective are changing the game. 

Growing up without parental figures to guide me, I had to learn quickly how to adapt to my surroundings, and how to pave my own way. With time, with my platform, I found the right mentors to guide me. Once I learned what I knew, I felt like it was my duty to pass down the torch so others can pave their own way and hone into their personal power. I realized that I was also not the only one who had to face a painful heartbreak growing up. As a matter of fact, the biggest and admired leaders of our world had no financial or emotional support to achieve their dreams, yet they are the one who came out strongest, and with more tools to give back to the world.

My vision has turned into my reality. We are now over eleven women in our Editorial team. We are now reaching eight figure revenues, distributing our print magazines all over North America. Our words touch women all over the globe, activating them to believe that they can achieve whatsoever they wish to in the physical Universe. 

My words to you are as followed : I want YOU to create the best version of yourself, whatever that means to YOU regardless of what the world has deemed as “limitations” that surround you based on your religion, ethnicity, background, or that you are a woman in a man’s world… Because that, is your biggest asset ladies. 

Rebecca I Perez

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Mia, Chinese name Mei Zhen is a journalist who graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai. Having worked in London,UK for various fashion magazines such as Vogue, The London Mag, TNT. She has a love for minimalist couture, which she describes as being the avant garde of the industry. On her free time she loves to take walks around Jing’an and visit local coffee shops. She loves Kakegurui and anything related to manga.



Sofia graduated with an LLB from Florida International University and then went on to get a Jurisdoctor from Harvard. After working in the industry for a corporate law firm out of New York, she realized that she did not have an interest in practicing law, and left to join as a fashion intern in Paris for Conde Nast group. Loving the industry so much, she decided to stay in it. She has a cat named Coco. 



Elinor is a reputable editor who has a Bachelors of Arts from McGill University and who went on to complete a Masters at Yale University. Her essays have been published in notorious magazines around the US such as Business Insider, Forbes, INC. and Wall Street Journal. She took the role of EIC at GOSS Magazine in 2020 and has helped the brand grow tremendously ever since. Her interests include business starts up, scaling and expansion. She is an avid collector of art, inspired by the art world and fascinated with Perrotin Art Galleries.

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All caricatures have been made by Alicia Wu. Shanghai, China.