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A place where women can interact with each other.

inspiring others to lead and follow their own dreams.

Some of you may not actually know this, but I've been actively envision this platform since the age of 19. I just imaged a world where the words business and women were synonymous. A decade later, watching our brand take form in the world has been the most fulfilling thing I've ever done. 

Growing up, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have my parents stick therefore lacking strong role models - my father moved away to China when I was a teenager and my mother who suffered from depression, left us. I was left without guidance, not knowing who to turn to but myself, building role models from the people that I met and surrounded myself with. I found mentors that helped me grow and taught me everything I now know about business. Once I learned what I knew, I passed that information on to other girls around me.

With time, talking to more women, what I realized is that I am not the only one who's had to go through a painful heartbreak growing up. So many great women who have built a name for themselves didn't have any financial or emotional support, and yet they are the ones who came out strongest, with so much love to give.

What I wanted for Goss club, was for it to be a place where women could interact with each other without judgement. Where young girls, who don't know where to get their information, who to speak to, can come on this platform and ask. I wanted to build a strong community of women, who although didn't have the "perfect" story, could create one bigger than themselves. One that was worth telling. One that would inspire others to lead, and to also follow their own dreams.

I want YOU to create the best version of yourself whatever that looks like, without any limitations that surround you based on your religion, ethnicity, background, or the fact that you are a "woman" in a man's world. Because that, is your strongest asset, ladies.

Let's do this.


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Rebecca I Perez


Elinor windsor

Elinor is a reputable editor who has a Bachelors of Arts from McGill University and who went on to complete a Masters at Yale University. Her essays have been published in notorious magazines around the US such as Business Insider, Forbes, INC. and Wall Street Journal. She took the role of EIC at GOSS Magazine in 2020 and has helped the brand grow tremendously ever since. Her interests include business starts up, scaling and expansion. She is an avid collector of art, inspired by the art world and fascinated with Perrotin Art Galleries.

editor in chief

Sofia Wang

Editorial Coordinator 

Mia Pearl 

Design & Fashion Editorial 




Sofia graduated with an LLB from Florida International University and then went on to get a Jurisdoctor from Harvard. After working in the industry for a corporate law firm out of New York, she realized that she did not have an interest in practicing law, and left to join as a fashion intern in Paris for Conde Nast group. Loving the industry so much, she decided to stay in it. She has a cat named Coco. 

Mia, Chinese name Mei Zhen is a journalist who graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai. Having worked in London,UK for various fashion magazines such as Vogue, The London Mag, TNT. She has a love for minimalist couture, which she describes as being the avant garde of the industry. On her free time she loves to take walks around Jing’an and visit local coffee shops. She loves Kakegurui and anything related to manga.

All caricatures have been made by Alicia Wu. Shanghai, China.


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