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Melanie Ann Layer, Alpha Femme Brand Makes $20M In Revenues Empowering Others

Mélanie Ann Layer is the founder of the Alpha Femme Brand. She is known for her unique approach to feminine leadership and wealth energetics. But this is not where her story began. After a bankruptcy that left her sleeping in her car, Mélanie took her first “life coaching” call from the front seat of her Honda Civic in 2013. It was a journey of evolution and growth but since the creation of Alpha Femme in 2017, her brand has generated over $20M dollars, with over 600% growth from year to year, consistent million dollar months since November 2020, and now celebrating a million dollar week! Melanie’s shift is a testament to her work and teachings that now serve women all around the globe! Her revolutionary teachings are taking the world by storm. With no website, no viral YouTube channel, no world renowned podcast or best selling book, her unconventional approach to the online world has left many puzzled… and so many more excited and magnetized. She celebrates her clients who calibrate to 6 figures and millions every day but beyond that, she celebrates their lives, their sovereignty, their love stories, their womanhood. Together with her clients, The Alpha Femme brand has raised multiple 6-figure contributions to causes close to Melanie’s heart. It isn’t possible to describe this woman accurately in a short biography. She is a mystery that pays to uncover. She will make you feel, she will help you evolve, she will inspire you to soar.

Let’s start with your story from the beginning and your experiences growing up.

I’m French-Canadian. My first language is French. My mom is British. I went to L’Academie Lafontane in Saint Jerome. All my education and everything was in French, but my mom was English so I could always speak English, but not very well. I worked really hard on it because when I was 25 my life broke down. I had been with a guy for seven years – the wrong guy. I wasn’t having a good relationship with my family. I was a very bitter person. I helped my family through bankruptcies and things when I was a kid. When I broke up with my partner, I had helped him become the manager at the job I was working at, and he fired me. I had to work as a freelancer in Sherbrooke, and I just couldn’t sell anymore and I couldn’t make any money. I didn’t know what to do, so I ended up going bankrupt and sleeping in my car in a parking lot of a Canadian Tire in Sherbrooke from February to April 2013. It wasn’t long ago. I googled how to make your ex-boyfriend cry one night. I ended up finding all this empowerment stuff and I started reading and listening to YouTube. I started taking it personally to be a better person. I had a friend call one day and she was struggling in a relationship and I taught her what I had been doing and it really made a huge difference for her. She started referring me to people, and I started a business called ‘The Invisible Coach’ in 2013. I was just a life coach. I took coaching calls from the front seat of my Honda Civic. In 2017 I created the Alpha Femme brand and built it up on social media and opened a Facebook group. We celebrated our first million-dollar year in 2018.

Tell me about the transition from 2013 to 2017 into Alpha Femme. 

I was a life coach. I did sales coaching for dentist offices and CEO businesswomen who wanted sales advice and leadership advice and communication advice. I developed a communication method that was incredible for businesses and I was helping people with that. Everything was remote. I only had one client that I would see in person – everything else was done on the phone. One day, at a job I was doing part-time while I was growing my business, I met these two girls. We went hiking in Colorado and I was telling them about what I did. They wanted to hire me as their coach. I had never worked with a person that I had met before, so I started working with them as their coach and it was such a weird experience because they became coaches. They hired me to teach them how to become a coach and how to become a coaching business. I helped them do that. They started talking about me and sharing about me and I helped them lead retreats and do all kinds of things. I started using Facebook Live. I really wanted to publish in English because I met my partner and he was English and he has a really great vocabulary. I wanted to sound good in English, so I started reading the dictionary. Anytime there was a word I didn’t understand, I read the dictionary. If there was a word I wasn’t sure about in the definition, I would look up the definition of the word in the dictionary. I really started using a different language. I developed a channel in English, which helped me connect with people. I have a very unique way of speaking English. I call it ‘Transformational English”.

It almost sounds like everything you’ve done has been self-taught.

 That’s why the tagline for my brand is “She who leads herself.”

Tell me about how you started the brand. How the name came to you.

It was so special because at first, I didn’t really have a brand. It was just my name that I used. I then came up with the boss vibe. I have this trifecta. I would teach this trifecta the badass, the goddess, and the boss. The three identities that women have. One is a super feminine, magic on legs identity. There’s a badass no matter what energy, and there’s a boss making the money energy. The boss vibe was the name of my brand for a little while. I was in California with my clients and my grandfather passed away. Kevin was in Montana. He drove from Montana to California to take care of me because I was so sad. There was just a way about him. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of months because we were kind of doing our own thing. He was my boyfriend, and now he’s my fiancé. I was just watching him after not seeing him for a couple of months. He drove all through the night to come to meet me in California. I’m watching how he interacts with human beings and how people gravitate to him and the leadership. I said to him that if he were ever to start a coaching business, it should be called ‘The Effortless Alpha Male.’ He created this group called ‘The Effortless Alpha Group,’ and he helps men become leaders without force. How to be a male gentleman leader. The confident man that you feel happy to be led by instead of this pushy “I’m the alpha” vibe. He really allows men to tap into their emotions and their energetics and to really lead from a place of confidence and self-awareness. Mine was still the boss vibes. There was still the effortless alpha vibe and the boss vibe. I was co-facilitating a retreat and I was talking about him and what he was doing. One of the women said, “you should create a female version of that.” That’s how Alpha Femme came. This was early June in 2017. I completely fell in love with it and created a whole brand around it. I launched it at the beginning of July and launched a Facebook group and started my Instagram. That’s when things really started to move. I found the vessel for all the magic. It really affected my identity in a way that if I was going to lead something called Alpha Femme, the brand is so big that I have to calibrate to lead it. It’s going to elevate me. I took on this new role. My whole life got shaped by this brand and identity and vision. It’s really cool. 

What’s coming up next? What are your projects with Alpha Femme that you’re launching that we could talk about?

We had our first million-dollar year in 2018. We had a 2.5 million dollar year in 2019. We then had an 8.5 million-dollar year last year. Now, we’ve already crossed last year. This month was almost a three million dollar month. Our business continues to expand. It’s all organic. It’s all connected with women. The future with the brand is all organic evolution and being self-led and being the one. I really believe that the coaching industry is moving into a trajectory that really requires authenticity and leadership. We’re not perfect people. We all have the things that we need to figure out in life. You have got to lead with all your heart and all your willingness and all your power. It’s the self-led women who would change the world. The ones who are like, “If I can do it, then you can do it,” and vice-versa. We’ve got to be able to put our money where our mouth is and to honour our word and show up for ourselves. My vision is that I will be a part of millions of women’s self-actualization in my lifetime. However that happens, I’m excited to find out.

Are you teaching women how to be their own coaches or do you have programmes of helping them self-lead? 

I have a program called “Alpha to Alpha” I have a program that’s all about feminine energetics and how to manifest some feminine energy and how to lead ourselves through triggers and emotional trauma and wounds that we’ve had in our childhood that keep us from being the moment that we really want to be. That one’s called “Femme Fatale.” I have a program on money and understanding how to hold it and use it and make it work for us and grow it and heal our relationship with money. That one’s called “Exponential Wealth.” I have a program about the quantum field and how to really understand the laws of the universe. It’s called “Quantum Prosperity.” I have a social media program called “Impact Academy.” I have a cash programme, a sales programme, a coaching programme. Every single thing that ever got me here, I teach. I don’t keep anything a secret. 

What would be the price ranges for girls if they wanted to get on now. Do you schedule them and have certain launch dates or is it whenever you want?

If you want to buy the replays of something I’ve done before, you can buy it whenever you want. There are live ones that are coming out all the time, though. I also have free masterclasses that people can plug into. I have smaller courses like my prosperity codes and calibration keys. Those are 222 dollars each. There are three codes, two calibration keys. You can start smaller, if not. It’s about 2000+ USD. My flagship offer – the thing that I do – it’s called “The Alpha Femme Experience.” It’s being with me for a full year, and being offered everything for that whole year. Everything that I create. Anything that’s already scheduled to run. All the things that are in the vault, all my automated stuff. They get access to everything for an entire year. That’s where I desire women to go. That one’s more expensive, though. It’s 15,555 USD for a year. You can do 1555 per month if you want.

What inspires you? 

Women inspire me. We don’t even understand ourselves. They’re full of untapped potential. Women inspire me. I want to see what we’re made of. I want to normalize big wealth in the hands of women. I want to see women take their power back.

Do you have a podcast?
No, but I get featured on podcasts quite a bit, so I have a podcast highlight on social media.

What’s a big challenge that you’ve surmounted recently? 

We were supposed to get married last October. Last year, at the beginning of the year, we started off in Hawaii. We were jet-set with life. We were going to stay there a few weeks or a few months. We didn’t know. We just bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii. I invited my sister over and my employees over. We had a lot of team-building stuff and it hit while we’re there. We didn’t know whether to go back or to wait for it to blow over. At this point, they were saying that things would go back to normal in two weeks. We extended our stay for two weeks. We rented this amazing house on the big island of Hawaii. It was an incredible, huge house for five days. It was 3500 dollars a night. On day 4, they locked down the big island and said we couldn’t leave. All the hotels and all the Airbnb also closed. We had to pay for it because we had to stay. We negotiated 1500 USD a night. At this point, the conversion rate with Canadian dollars was about two grand a night to stay there. We ended up getting stuck there for two and a half months. My brother was about to have his first baby and I’m his godmother. His fiancé was having the baby, and we wanted to do the baby shower, and we were living on this property that we couldn’t leave but we were eating sushi and sashimi. We had to get back in time for the birth of the child. All the flights kept getting cancelled or rerouted nonstop. We booked a thirteen passenger private jet from Hawaii to Montreal. My sister, my fiancé, and I landed in Montreal. All the Airbnbs and hotels were closed. We couldn’t go anywhere. I called an old person that we had used their Airbnb before. She got us a place to stay and we immediately started looking for houses. We found this house. We bought an island with this glasshouse on it. It was this whole beautiful thing. We were supposed to get married in October. That got cancelled. We literally have been living on this island with the beer and the snow. I have seasonal depression so I can’t stay in the winter. This is the first winter that I’ve spent in Quebec since I’ve slept in my car. It was intense. Our business skyrocketed and we love each other and we decided to move our wedding to April 2023. It’s going to be a little while still. We spent the winter on this island and we manifested it all within months. It was magic.

 I love how you constantly turn every situation around!

For me it’s really about how do I want to tell the story? Because God knows one day I’m going to. How do I want to live this knowing it’s a story one day. How do I live my life in hindsight? How do I want to look back at it and tell the story? It gives me another level of awareness of how I choose things in my life.

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