How To Dress To Impress Under 3 Minutes

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Are you a busy GOSS having trouble putting together a fashion-forward boss outfit every day?

I totally get it! You're probably consumed by emails, meetings and tasks, which means choosing an amazing outfit ends up on the back burner. Well, guess what, appearance means everything! Part of building your empire and working so hard for its success is also building your own brand. I feel like many of us believe it's hard to put together a nice boss outfit. In reality, it's a simpler process than you may think! Here's my step by step guide to putting together the perfect fashion-forward outfit in under three minutes. 

1. Start with a basic

I PREACH this rule to just about anyone. I'm serious when I say the foundation of any outfit starts with a basic clothing item and/or a wardrobe staple. When we say basics, we're talking about simple, neutral, yet beautiful clothing items that can match just about any piece in your closet. Because basics are versatile and timeless, we want to start by choosing them first for your boss outfit. After you've selected your basic(s), you can add anything else to complete your look, without worrying that the combination won't work.

FYI, basics are the clothing pieces you want to invest in. Because you'll be using them the most frequently, the last thing you want is needing to replace a basic every couple of months. If you spend a little more on your basics, you get better value for money, as you will be able to keep those items in your closet for many years. Trendy clothing is what you want to spend less on, as fashion trends come and go very quickly.

Here's a list of basics you NEED to own:

  1. Black & white T (Can be found at H&M, Aritzia or YSL)
  2. Button up blouse (Can be found at H&M, Banana Republic or Alice + Olivia)
  3. Wool sweater (Can be found at H&M, Anthropologie or Chanel)
  4. Pair of jeans (Can be found at Levi, True Religion or Gucci)
  5. Trousers (Can be found at Zara, Banana Republic or Chloé)
  6. Blazer (Can be found at H&M, Aritzia or Balmain)
  7. Leather jacket (Can be found at ZaraALLSAINTS or YSL)
  8. Jacket you can wear year round - Personally, I love trench coats. (Can be found at Zara, Aritzia, or Burberry )

2. Editorial piece

Wether it's a long blazer, a patterned blouse, or a pair of striped palazzo pants, utilize the cool pieces in your wardrobe that you "keep for a special occasion" by wearing them with your everyday looks. This is how you bring your outfit from plain/normal, to high fashion/editorial. Adding that one really cool piece to your boss outfit will transform it like you wouldn't believe, with very little effort.

If you're more interested in statement shoes, then they can be used as your editorial element within your boss outfit instead. Personally, I love paring a plain outfit with a colourful pair of shoes on the days I have less inspiration.

3. Accessorize and/or use the power of makeup.

Top off your amazing, fashion-forward look with statement jewelry, and maybe even a bold lip. Statement jewelry such as chunky earrings or necklaces add glam to your boss look and help tie things together. As for the bold lip, colourful lipstick has a way of also bringing up your glam game without much effort, and helps you look even more put-together.

If you're feeling especially daring, sleek your hair back in a high ponytail! Trust me, high ponytails have a way of looking super editorial and fashionable. Not to mention, they are really easy to do! Just tie your hair up high, and then run a straightening iron along the ends.

When in doubt, suit up or choose a ready-made piece.

If you're still confused as to how to put together a fashion-forward outfit, then buying ready-made outfit combinations will be the easiest way for you to maintain your daily editorial looks. For example, you can buy ready-to-wear suits or statement dresses. There are many clothing companies that design amazing outfit combinations already such as ASOS and Banana Republic. They make it easy for you to style yourself in the morning.

If suits aren't your vibe, then curate a collection of statement dresses you can just throw on. I can always rely on my dresses to make me look fashion-forward when I'm in a rush, and only have time to throw on one piece of clothing.

Here are a three boss outfit combinations using the steps outlined above:

Basics {white t-shirt tucked + blue jeans} // Editorial {statement blazer } // Accessories {chunky necklace + red lip}

Editorial {Dress} // Accessories {statement earrings}

Basics {button-up + sweater over top + trousers} // Editorial {red kitten heel} // Accessories {periwinkle coloured purse}

Remember, putting together the perfect fashion-forward boss outfit starts with basic clothing items. Once you've picked that out, the world is your oyster! Accessorize and add on all the editorial pieces your heart desires. Trust me, you'll never regret looking good ;)

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