Montreal's Mark Cuban Starts Bossing Up Movement

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Samantha Kris graces many titles: Serial Entrepreneur, Marketing Specialist, Speaker, even Author but my favourite one for her is Montreal's Mark Cuban. She appeared on Global News & Breakfast Television to discuss her book, Bossing Up - which is a practical guide on elevating your inner boss and creating a successful life. She's a go getter who managed to get five promotions in five years, and is teaching entrepreneurs how to boss up their life and own it!

Goss Club had the opportunity to sit down with Kris to discuss all her upcoming projects. Keep reading to find out the journey that brought this #girlboss to the bossing up movement. 

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How did your entrepreneurial journey begin ?

After studying in criminology, I was hired as an addiction counsellor. [Working in the field] I quickly found out that I wasn't capable of separating work from home and I learned that this wasn't a field I could make a life out of.

So then I hit the drawing board and thought of that quote, "if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life" what can I do that doesn't feel like work? That will just be fun, and in line with my hobbies and my interests. I am very organized and love to plan events, so I decided to go into wedding planning which opened the door to corporate events.  That's where I got some experience with print ads and TV and radio and just publicity - raising awareness as a whole. Participating in different trade shows got the spark burning for marketing.

Then an opportunity came up to work for a tech and media company that was looking for a marketing coordinator. I didn't want to be in my thirties with no corporate experience, if I was going to go that route, it would be safer to have that on my CV, so I thought. I did that, and I figured if I really missed event planning in the wedding sphere I could go back to it any time. My role fortunately took a lot of event planning skills and brought it into the corporate sphere - wether that was coordinating Super Bowl campaigns or billboard campaigns it became more exciting than weddings, with bigger budgets and more creativity.

In that company I was able to get five promotions in five years, I doubled my salary in that time, and then went on to being Director of Marketing for a marketing agency. I learned a lot about the struggles that entrepreneurs have; they've got great ideas, they've got funding and direction but they don't know how to put it all together. A lot of companies that this marketing agency was working with had those pain points and that's when I realized there's a whole market for helping people and entrepreneurs to build those plans. Harnessing all this motivation and creativity and putting it into something actionable that can make them reach success.

That was the foundation of my company. Now I'm doing success coaching and brand strategy. I bring my decade of experience in marketing to to the table to say whether you're building your personal brand or company brand, these are the steps that you need to do to resonate with your audience. 

Tell us about your new book, Bossing Up.

I launched the blog over a year ago, the blog is "Bossing up the blog" it's about business, personal development, how to be successful in life, in work wether you're a stay at home mom or a CEO; these are practical things that you can apply to get from point A to point B. 


A solo moment of silence, seconds before going live, staring out the studio window, feeling grateful. I started this year with 3 goals. I told myself: - I will write a book of value and have it published this summer - I will appear on TV to share my message and inspire others - I will go to a country I've never been . - With just a few days left to summer, #bossingupthebook has been brought to life ✅ - Today marked my second TV appearance ✅ - I will be going to Ghana, Africa in November to educate and empower a group of entrepreneurial women ✅ . THIS is the power of REAL goals. . If you want help setting goals you will actually commit to, let's talk. . It's time to start #bossingup Special thanks to, @btmontreal, @petronajoseph_ & @kimcretonmua for a wonderful day and to @divasabroad and @purpwagner for getting me closer to my goals ❤

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The book is, Bossing up the book, which is a deeper dive into those strategies but also my blueprint for success. I documented my journey, so step by step of what I did to get each promotion, to get out of a relationship that wasn't serving me, to build my company, and a brand that I hope will be the start of a movement. 

What advice would you give young women who are in the corporate world and would like to leave their jobs in order to pursue a career they love?

It sounds really cheesy but I highly recommend getting a mentor because when you're limiting yourself to your own thoughts thats just it - you're limited to what you know, what you've experienced, what you feel and you're stuck.


Let's talk branding for a second. Your personal brand speaks to the intangible emotions you want your audience to feel when they engage with your content. My brand, as well as the Bossing Up movement, is crafted to empower you. It is my mission, through my words, actions and the content I produce, to make you feel unstoppable--like there is nothing you can't accomplish. Part of how I do this is helping you craft or refine your unique brand message and gain clarity on the value you bring to the table so others can recognize it too. Sounds great doesn't it? Come see for yourself tomorrow evening at my exclusive branding workshop that I'm opening to YouTube MTL. Virtual worldwide access is available so hop into something comfy and start Bossing Up 🙌🏼 head to @youtubemtl for details.

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What's coming on next for Bossing Up?

On March 22 : A Woman's Path To Success, a special presentation for Rogers.

Bossing Up book signing at Indigo Place Montreal Trust on March 24th from 1-4 pm. 

I'll be doing a TEDTalk on May 23rd about the importance of anchoring goals to emotions. 

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