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12/17/16  |  Rebecca Perez  |  1692 views


With the holiday season coming up, our stress level keeps rising and sometimes the only thing to look forward to is a day of complete relaxation. Putting our feet up, bathrobe on, and bask in the pool of bliss... What better place to unwind than at a spa?!

I'm not talking about a typical spa, but rather a therapeutic concept that will leave you walking on clouds...Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you: SPA CLOUD.

I visited Spa Cloud right before my departure to Shanghai. I needed a full body detox session, so I tried the "Brighten and Restore" package. 


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When you walk in to the spa, you are introduced to your massage therapist who serves you hot tea to start the relaxation process. You are guided to the main room, which has an organic decor that makes you feel as if you are in the middle of the jungle. 


photo credit - Spa Cloud

The first step of the package is called the Cryo Session. For those of you who haven't tried it before, Cryotherapy is a free-standing chamber that is chilled to -110 degree celsius using liquid nitrogen. You step into the machine, with all your extremities covered and stay inside for 3 minutes. The experience is similar to ice baths, which is used to stimulate the body's healing mechanisms. You'll instantaneously feel a boost of energy (and relief) when you step out of the chamber.

It was unreal. I highly recommend you try the cryotherapy when you visit Spa Cloud!


photo credit - Spa Cloud

Next up, was a facial and body treatment. All products used for facials and body treatments at Spa Cloud are 100% organic. They use imported, top of the line products.  

Throughout the process, my massage therapist Irina walked me through the products she was using and the benefits of each one. I found this extremely helpful given that I never knew what skin type I had or which creams to use. She recommended the best products for my skin type, which I've been using ever since and I can already see tremendous results.

The "Restore and Brighten" Package lasted about two hours. My experience was out of this world! I had never felt anything like it before.

What stood out the most compared to other spas, was the custom-like personal experience I felt the entire time. The staff was welcoming and friendly and made me feel right at home during the treatments.

The best part is they offer memberships! If you're looking for a holiday present, or if you want to impress your s/o, then look no further - THIS is the place. Trust me.


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