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Meet Elodie Khayat, French native designer taking Los Angeles by storm. Khayat was born and raised in Paris and moved to Los Angeles less than a decade ago. A keen eye for design, her career began when she started working for her family's fashion label, BCBG. Shortly after, she relocated to Los Angeles where she began designing custom made Jewelery for A list celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Anna Hathaway, Sharon Stone just to name a few. 

Her dainty collections often pair micro thin chains and bands with floating diamonds. The designs include rings, body chains, earrings, cuffs, hand chains and bracelets. 

Elodie Khayat, left with Bruce Willis and a friend.

She quickly gained recognition for her art, which was featured and published in magazines, to winning awards for her subjects.  Celebrated for her original style, a blend of Parisian elegance and laid back bohemian flare, Elodie was encouraged by her clientele to open her own high-end boutique. Elodie K. opened in 2014 on Melrose Place.  The space features her jewelry lines collections, as well as, her carefully curated selection of international fashion brands. 

Sharon Stone, left, with Elodie Khayat and her mother.

Can you tell us what is the inspiration behind your latest collection ?

Resurrection is about the battle within. It's about the battle between light and dark, with what's going on in the world and inside of us as human beings. The light signifies passion, hope and purity in life, represented by the crown of "thorns" lighting the world with hope. The dark signifies fear, desperation and a broken humanity, represented by the "claws".Resurrection occurs when the claws and the thorns are joined and we resurrect back into existence portraying the power of the human soul.

Elodie K. Jewelry and LODK.

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