Era of Entrepreneurship

08/17/17  |  Rebecca Perez  |  2020 views


As I scroll through my Instagram and Facebook pages, I notice that everyone wants to be promoting their lifestyle as an "entrepreneur" yet nobody wants to work hard for it. 

I’m part of the Generation Y, millennial age, and I find myself falling for the trap sometimes. Appear as if you’re working “so hard” on Snapchat or Instagram stories, yet spend 2-3 hours a day looking at other peoples worlds and not working on your own. There’s a problem with the way we are doing things and it needs to stop. 

A friend of mine has become so addicted with the entrepreneurship mantra, that she decided to leave her secure 9-5, her only source of income to pursue her dreams of owning her own business. The first few months were thrilling. There was a sense of freedom, a fear of the unknown, the thought of all the possibilities that the future holds. When it started to sink in that her security blanket and savings account was slowly coming to an end, then it really hit her: the entrepreneurship lifestyle wasn’t going to be very easy. How was she going to pursue her dreams without going back to “real life”? 

All of a sudden, her spirit downsized, and by having to go back to her 9-5, she was forced to put her energy into working for someone else and slowly but surely, her dreams became but a mirage. What was once her sole purpose and the only driving force in her body, became a distant fantasy. She never re-visited that part of her life again. Why did she give up? Because she started too fast.

She thought she was ready without having made any substantial amount of money, without having tested her market to see if her product/services was even a need. Because she acted like a Millennial. I am part of this generation, and I know that we don’t have time to be patient. We want it now, because it’s easy. But easy is not the answer. We need to learn from the generations before us, who have mastered their skills over decades. We need to re condition the way our minds think. 

Being an entrepreneur or creating something from nothing does not require you to leave your security blanket and starve until you forcefully give up. It’s the struggle of keeping a job to pay your bills, while spending every other hour creating your project or launching your business. 

We need to start listening to Generation X. We need to remember that our “expert” skills were made up just three-five years ago. The only way to be trusted as an expert is to become an expert in that field. How? You learn and you practice. You are not re inventing the wheel. You are simply finding shortcuts to your destination. But in this era, it’s not about the destination - it’s about the journey.


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