Fall Clothing Staples That Will Make You Rethink Your Wardrobe

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Fall staples are an essential part of any woman's closet. They are the base to our outfits and help us put together looks more easily. Since fall is coming up really quickly, now is the best time to shop for those staples. Keep reading to find out which clothing items your closet is missing for this upcoming cold season.

A Neutral Long Coat 


A long coat for fall is a classic piece you'll be using on the daily. I recommend you get a neutral coloured coat such as tan or black, as neutrals match any outfit instantly. Of course, the coat will also keep you warm and looking elegant all season long. Additionally, a neutral jacket is the type of piece that's worth investing in. If you're going to be wearing it daily, you'll be glad you chose a coat you really love, that's timeless and of good quality.  

Places to buy a coat are Zara, Aritzia, Burberry.

A Cashmere Sweater


These sweaters are absolute staples during the colder months! Not only are they luxurious and really warm, but they go with everything. Also, cashmere sweaters are known for being made with high quality fabric (for the most part). This means they'll wear really nicely and last you for years to come. The best part about shopping for a sweater of the sort, is you can find one that doesn't require you to spend hundreds on it. Many department actually stores come out with a collection of lovely ones for under $100 every year.

Furthermore, you're going to want to get a cashmere knit that is a solid colour, so you can use it as a base for multiple outfits. I love a nice cream or tan cashmere sweater, as it pairs well with jeans, leather skirts, trousers and more.

Places to buy a cashmere sweater are The Hudson's Bay, Aritiza, Prada.

A Wool Scarf


I SWEAR by my wool scarf during the fall and winter. If you get yourself a really large one that's good quality, it'll last you many seasons and adds a touch of glamour to all your outfits. There's nothing like a beautifully wrapped scarf around your neck during the fall. Not to mention, if you wear it with your long coat and a pair of sunglasses, you'll have posh written all over you! Naturally, I recommend you get a neutral coloured wool scarf, so it matches your looks easily and can be considered a timeless piece in your wardrobe.

Places to buy wool scarves are H&M, Aritzia, Neiman Marcus.

Ankle Boots 


A closed pair of shoes is a necessity for withstanding the colder weather in the fall. Ankle boots also have a tendency to match most pants and skirts. Furthermore, you can get yourself a few different types of ankle boots for a more versatile wardrobe. I like getting myself a pair of heeled boots and a pair of biker boots, at the very least, to wear with my fall looks. What's great about ankle boots, is they aren't overly bulky, so you don't feel like your carrying something massive on your feet, but they're also not overly dainty, so your feet are never exposed to the cold weather.

Places to buy ankle boots are ALDO, Steve Madden, Nordstrom.

A couple fall outfits you can recreate.


Black and light blue is a nice contrasting combination that's timeless, elegant, and day time appropriate. Most of us already own blue jeans, a black blazer, a sweater and loafers. Throw them together, and you have yourself the perfect fall time outfit, in a matter of seconds. If you don't have any of these pieces, invest in a cashmere sweater. Trust me, it'll be the piece you utilize the most this fall, aside from your jeans.



Boots, a t-shirt and a long comfortable coat? Sign me up! This cute combination is totally comfortable, but still versatile. You can really put your unique touch on this style too by choosing a pair of boots and a coat that represent your personality. This outfit is awesome for fall and makes you look put-together for any event you may have during the day.

Fall staples are an essential part of any wardrobe. Without these timeless pieces, putting together looks for fall won't be as seamless, as you'll be missing pieces you need for the base of your outfits. Be sure to invest in quality staples, as they'll last you many seasons.

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