Heartbreak Is Real - Real, But Not Permanent

09/03/18  |  Ally Bongard  |  1352 views


For all the men and women out there who have experienced a breakup, you are very likely to understand the emotional and physical toll it can take on the grieving human body and soul. There is absolutely nothing satisfying about wanting to hibernate in a dark room for days on end, crying under your blanket, by yourself…until you physically tire yourself out. There is absolutely nothing satisfying about being completely incapable of focusing on your daily workload and tasks in the workplace. There is absolutely nothing satisfying about having to face the harsh reality that your life is about to change – drastically.

While many people experience the end to a relationship differently, one common feeling is indeed, heartbreak.

Here are 3 reasons as to why heartbreak is real.

1. The Overflow of Tears

It truly feels never ending. It can truly feel as though the world is ending at that point in time. The slightest memory of your now *ex* is capable of unleashing a waterfall of tears that are about to flood from your eyes. When you are not crying, it is probably because you’ve attempted to convince yourself that the unimaginable is still NOT real. However, every single time you are brought back to reality, and remember how real it actually is, you might as well make room for the puddle of tears that are about to form in a matter of seconds.

Although you may find yourself shedding tears, you may also find yourself submerged in complete and utter hysterics. You have just lost your best friend, partner, and the person you have based your world around for x amount of time. Although heartbreak is real, please understand that it will not last forever. Life can be messy, and although at the time it feels as though you’ll never move on – I promise that you will… It just takes time. I am a huge believer in the saying that “time heals all wounds”.

2. Physical Pain

Crying is exhausting in itself, but the lack of desire and willingness to participate in anything else but self-isolation, is also real. This has the powerful ability to completely tire the body out. The fear of getting hurt and having to go through the grieving stages of heartbreak coincides with pain, which is probably why so many people are resistant to get into relationships in the first place.

At the end of the day, it is fair to say that going through heartbreak can have severe consequences on your overall health. The inability or willingness to consume food or water is an enormous example. When tremendously emotional, many tend to lose their appetites. On the other side of the spectrum, others tend to indulge in food. Everyone is different, which is actually what makes us all so unique. However, I do believe that these habits depend on how you deal with loss as a whole. While some refuse to eat, others may binge.

However, it is critical for us all to understand that after the war is over, you will gain your strength back, and be able to move onto bigger and better things. Although you have the utmost right to go through to motions of heartbreak, it is very important that in some time you begin to move forward with your life, and of course, continue to ‘live’.

3. Depression

The feeling that someone has taken a sledgehammer to your world ensures that your emotions will be all over the place. It can feel as though you are grieving the actual death of your ‘person’, and that everything you use to know, no longer exists in your world. One’s depression level post-breakup is likely to increase drastically. It is important to understand that you are officially going to have to alter your life, and break what use to be ‘routine’. It is no secret that we base a lot of our lives around our partners. When we remove that element from our lives, a form of shock definitely sets in, especially when you find yourself no longer sleeping beside them, or texting them on a daily basis.

What’s more depressing then being alone when you’ve just detached yourself from someone you use to spend a great deal of time with? You can’t help but consistently wonder “was it me”, “is there someone else”, “will they find someone better”, “does he/she feel just as upset as I do?”. It is so painful to even consider the harsh reality that one day, they will be with someone else, who isn’t you.

Although heartbreak does exist, you should never lose sight of the individual that YOU are. You are still a good human being without that person in your life. In fact, you’re probably a wonderful, thoughtful, caring and genuine person that deserves love just as much as the next person. Although in the moment it does feel as though your life is over, please believe me when I tell you that this feeling will PASS. You will become stronger… you will become happier… and you will eventually, move on. Take your time to grieve, and take your time to cry – but do not allow for this feeling to consume your life because out there in the world, is someone just right for you.



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