How Rejection Fuels Your Business

11/03/18  |  Rebecca Perez  |  1073 views


I say this often and still some of you need to hear it again so here it is : entrepreneurs are outliers. We are not built the same way as the norm. We have been rejected most of our lives which is why we chase our dreams and passions like we depend on it. We are not doing it for money as we know it is a means to an end. We are doing it to create, to inspire and to live a life on our terms. For FREEDOM -like Mel Gibson yells in Braveheart.

I’ve been bullied my entire childhood, up until high school. At the time it was a sad moment - I didn’t understand why girls hated me so much - looking back it was the foundation that allowed me to become who I am today. I realized that people’s insecurities made them act a certain way towards others that almost always had nothing to do with the other person. That’s where I learned perspective, the term ”frenemies” and essentially the Art of War.

More than that, it taught me how to be good with people, regardless of what they thought of me. This is what makes you good in BUSINESS. Let me explain : people will turn down your ideas in business again and again. They have to and they should ,it is the way you build your grit, resistance and determination.

They should because if we believed in everybody who had an “idea” the world would run on concepts and nothing concrete. Instead we break down ideas, we peel off the layers again and again until we get to the CORE. If your foundation lays concrete, then and only then will you be given a chance to put up the  walls. If you truly believe your idea is genius, then it will become it. If you get easily influenced and drifted from your path, then you don’t really believe in yourself to begin with. Therefor you will crumble like a house of cards.

Hence, to be a successful entrepreneur that actually succeeds, you cannot give up when someone else doesn’t believe in you. You cannot give up when financial institutions don’t want to fund your business because they don’t believe it will make money. You cannot give up when your own family or s/o subtly encourages you to get a “real job”.

Because the more you persist, resist and make moves, the closer you are from building your dreams.

Rejection fuels your business. The more “no’s” you get, the closer you are to getting to a YES. Here are some concrete examples :

Howard Schultz Starbucks Founder got rejected by 250 financial institutions for funding Starbucks. There are now 21,000 stores in 65 countries.

J.K Rowling got rejected from 12 different publishing houses for Harry Potter series. It is now the most read series in the world.

Steve Jobs Founder of Apple got fired from his own company. It is now worth a trillion dollars.

When I get a NO in business, I get excited. I don’t get discouraged, because I know I’ll be coming back to that client / company in due time and I will turn that frown upside down. Whatever your mechanisms are to handle rejection, use them every time you get a NO. Realize that it has NOTHING to do with you personally. Don’t take it personally, it’s business. Build your mental toughness and come back stronger than ever. With this formula, you will succeed. How do I know ? Because as an outlier you came to win. 
You will never give up until you get exactly what you came for.


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