How Spa Scandinave Changed My Life

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If you've been following my journey on Instagram/LinkedIn/Facebook then you know I'm now up to working 80-100 hours a week. Most people can't maintain that lifestyle for very long, and/or need an extreme break to recover. I, on the other hand have found the ultimate life hack that allows me to go to bed every night feeling rejuvenated and wake up every morning ready to own the day. Caution : you will most definitely get addicted and won't ever be able to go back to normal life after this one... 

Unlimited Membership at Spa Scandinave Montreal

Tucked in-between St Sulpice and de La Commune in the heart of the Old Montreal, Spa Scandinave still remains a hidden gem due to its very secret location. The second you enter, you feel an automatic release in your shoulders, get a whiff of the eucalyptus scent and calming music that automatically puts you in the zone. Their strict rule of "no phone" allows you forcefully to disconnect from the outside world, even just for an hour. Once you're checked in, you're given a bracelet and a pair of shoes. The beauty about this spa unlike others is the turn-key system. No need to bring anything but a bathing suit, they have got you covered! 

I started using the cycle about three months ago regularly. Taking advantage of the "unlimited membership package" which gives you access to the hot/cold baths, spa, sauna and steam room every day of the week. 

At first, I would come once a week to relax for a few hours... Until I realized something : most of what I needed was a quick mid-day break. So instead of going for 3-4 hours at a time I started doing four times a week, at 20-25 minutes max each time. Something interesting happened:

1. My efficiency level has gone up

I've gotten so used to taking time off in the day to completely disconnect, that I find myself more efficient during my work hours. I know when I'm no longer being productive and need "down time", and assess right away. The beauty about it is I'm able to go back to work after a relaxing session. Taking a break in between my meetings has become a necessity for me to become productive. 

2. I sleep better and longer at night 

The fact that I am walking distance from the spa, makes it easier for me to go at the end of my day as well. Usually I go around 8:00 pm, after a dinner meeting for a quick sauna/hot water combo. I come out 40 minutes later and catch up on emails / phone calls before going to bed. I sleep much better and can actually get to my "deep sleep" cycle. I was never able to do that before.

3. I'm more focused on tasks

I've learned to disconnect, which is the hardest thing to do as an entrepreneur. We don't realize just how glued we are to our phones, television, or any device on a daily basis. Having to leave my phone in the locker and focus on my breathing, has naturally made me independent of my mobile. Also the "silent rule" has made me more attentive to my being, and more self aware. It's life changing.

4. I developed better time management skills

I have a particular routine that I do : shower, hot bath for 5 minutes, cold pool for 5 minutes, steam room for 10, sauna and then the silent room for 15 minute nap. I don't even time this anymore my body just naturally knows when it's enough in each section. This 35 minute cycle makes me more attentive to time in all areas of the day. I used to be that person who would spend 3-4 hours at a spa, but unless it's a leisure experience with a friend / or boyfriend it's much more efficient to go in, recharge and leave (in my experience). This is why the unlimited access is so rewarding ; it allows you to go in as much as you'd like, any time of the day!

5. I learned to disconnect and relax! 

I cannot stress enough how important it is to disconnect every single day when you are working heavy hours / spending a lot of energy on tasks. It's highly important for your health and wellbeing. I have seen many people around me crash or burn out completely because they don't take the time to rest and take care of their health foremost. I "spoil" myself daily because that is the only way I'll be willing and able to work as much as I do. Wether it's weekly massages, four times / week at the spa or even just taking one hour of the day for YOU, it is so important to do so. 

I can no longer go a week without my spa ritual. If you're not already on this regiment, I highly suggest you give it a try. It has literally changed my life, and the way I deal with my business. Spa Scandinave for the WIN. 

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