How To Get What You Want In 2020!

How To Get What You Want In 2020!

It’s a new decade! Starting off on this fresh start encourages all of us to want to strive to keep getting better by the day. While that’s always nice, it’s even better to leverage the most of new skills on the daily. As the roaring 20s continues to make more room for the creatives, entrepreneurs and the gig economy – being attractive both on paper and on the job is ultimate accountability! Here’s a list to kickstart the new year on the right track, and manifest your dreams into reality.

Stay Financially Fit

Getting down and budgeting is a serious life skill. It doesn’t always require the help of a financial advisor either. General knowledge of your credit rates and fees is as easy as a quick search before committing to any type of account. The help of specific budgeting apps is always a smart go to since not all of us are constantly logging onto online banking to see a breakdown of our money, and overcomplicated finance jargon can be hard to keep track of. It’s also highly beneficial to make use of appropriate tools and accounts that will help you stay aligned to your #financialgoals.

Mint is a free budgeting app that is one of the many that are easy to use and will forever keep you on track.

A TFSA is a smart financial plan for those who want to see an investment in their money in the long run. It’s an account that you can put investment certificates, exchange traded funds stocks and bonds into.

TFSAs are made to be accessed before retirement, which is ideal for the 20 something with the immediate goal of purchasing big investments like a home or car. 

The only thing to watch out for when it comes to your TFSA is going beyond your contribution room for the year, which results in having to pay tax on the excess TFSA amount. It’s key to not over contribute, otherwise, you’ll be paying a 1% penalty on the fee of the amount in your TFSA which exceeds your limit. 

However, the interest, dividends and capital gains on your investments are not taxed!

Get Rich in Human Capital

Pre networking anxiety is real for many of us no matter how many events we’ve been to. Networking is a muscle that needs to be flexed constantly. Coffee chats, interview meets, shadowing a professional are all ways to diversify the conversation but also practise this skill everyday. With every event comes a possible referral base that you earn when you put yourself out there. Mentors, friends and like minded people are always around and most of them come from the same head space. GOSS is always putting on events from real estate to fashion, so there’s no excuse to not put on your heels and grab a friend! 

For best results, it’s always smart to stay on top of your Eventbrite app, which keeps you in the loop and gives you updated picks for future events.

Build Solid Relationships

Finding the diamond in the rough is officially seen as the most challenging task of this generation. Ditching online apps for this one and getting out and talking to people at events can be very rewarding. Better yet, in order to date with purpose, setting your intentions straight off the get go can be beneficial for both parties. Talking about the bigger things early on can really set the tone for effective dating. Dating outside your own industry and interests for some can also make all the difference when it comes to diversifying the pool.

Feed the Soul

Manifestation is the biggest winner mindset. No matter what podcast, mentor or personal coach you swear by, these little habits ultimately motivate you to do better. Daily routines, of course different to everyone are a big part of the bigger picture. Whether that’s a run, waking up early or shutting off social media for a few hours are all small habits that add up. 

No matter what the goal, it’s important to be able to add value little by little throughout the days to reap the rewards. Seeing your goals as incremental, reduces the pressure we put on ourselves and tackle the work!