How Uber Changed My Life

09/09/18  |  Rebecca Perez  |  2402 views


I never really enjoyed driving, always found myself paying way too much on parking tickets a month and having to stop the car mid ride to use my phone (because it’s now illegal).

Our society is already technologically equipped to have cars drive themselves, the government is just not ready to implement it yet. but truthfully we shouldn’t BE driving. People are a danger on the road. According to Road Crash Statistics,  There’s over 1 million deaths a YEAR from car accidents and that’s not even including alcohol consumptions.

So about two years ago when I was debating wether or not to get a car, I made a conscience decision (for mine and your sake) to be chauffeured in Uber’s instead. Here’s how my life has changed ever since :

1. No more parking tickets! 

I no longer have to worry about finding / reading parking signs (which I’m sorry are meant to confuse you) or paying for a monthly parking fee to store my car.

Parking downtown costs roughly $250-300/ month so that’s 300 x 12 = $3,600 a year. 

2. Uber’s are 100% tax deductible 

Business expense baby! Being an incorporated business, I’m always thinking of ways to cover my expenses under my business. When you drive / own a vehicle in Quebec you can only deduct your kilometres / gas based on the locations you go to and from work. Most people only go from home - work and back so they actually can’t deduct anything. I, on the other hand can deduct it all. #winning.

3. Save time and money 

Because there’s no more looking for parking, shovelling snow, and all that other fun stuff - I save a minimum of 10-20 min per day. Sounds like nothing but on 365 days I’m saving 7,300 minutes (roughly 120 hours) a year!!!! That’s 3 full weeks of work guys. 

4. No more insurance / car maintenance / car payments / and GAS!

Even if you have an impeccable track record you’re still spending $80-300 / month on car insurance. That’s not including tire change, oil change, and all that fun stuff! Another $3,600 / year saved PLUS gas. I average it out at $80/week so $4,480 a year SAVED. Then we also have your car payment which goes minimum from $250< a month. (Min of $3,000 a year). Total $8,080 a year. 

5. Uber drivers are the best 

It’s the only place where people get reviewed based on how nice they are! The customer service is immaculate AND I always end up promoting my magazine / business to them which actually gets me more clients. Therefor it’s now a business investment in my books. 

Total money spent on owning a vehicle / year :  $14,680

Total money spent on Uber’s a year : $4,200

Money saved a year : $10,040


For those of you who will argue that you like to drive, I highly suggest you take that extra cash flow and spend it on renting a Porsche from - they do short term daily LUXURY rentals. You're welcome.



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