How You Can Become An Official Goss

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So ladies, want to know how to become Goss Certified?! 

I'm sure you know already that girls who squat and cook actually run the world, and now I've got the not-so-secret 10 things that will make YOU become the ultimate Girl Boss. We'll call this the "entry level" steps... Because if you don't have at least these 10, then you've got to drop the #girlboss status all together.

As Sophia Amoruso says, don't be lazy, life is short. You MUST:

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1. Be fit 

Your body represents who you are and where you are in your life right now. Take a look at yourself. A REAL look at yourself. Are you exactly where you want to be physically? If not, are you training at least three times a week to get there? If you've still got that mini belly from Easter dinner, or you're still trying desperately to work the abs you've never had, well sorry to tell you but you're not there. Thankfully, we've got you covered. You can start now with this easy fitness routine.

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2. Save your money 

Are you living pay check to pay check? Are you doing everything you can to gain financial freedom? That should be your #1 priority if you're not where you want to be. Don't know where to start? Check out my article on how to invest your money instead of wasting it.

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3. Be independent

If you are a real #girlboss, you don't need anything or anyone to feel fulfilled. You choose whoever is in your life, because it either a) makes you happy b) makes you a better person or c) makes you  money. Don't hold on to people who are negative, who put you down or who are simply not good enough for you. Know your value, respect yourself and only do what YOU want to do. 

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4. Be in love

With your life, your friends, your s/o. Don't forget to love the ones around you and show them that love every single day. Most importantly, show it to YOU. If you don't love yourself first, you cannot expect someone to fill that void, it will only suffice temporarily.  

5. Learn how to say NO

A very important trait to have as a #girlboss. A woman who is strong and who knows her value, also knows not to waste her time. If a business deal doesn't feel right, or a relationship, do not force it. Learn to prioritize and to say NO when the time is right. People will appreciate your honesty and it's much better than stringing them along when you know what the end result will be. 

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6. Eat clean

You are what you eat, we've all heard that one before. So make sure you are constantly eating foods that energize you and will make you better. Don't know how? You'd be surprised how easy it is if you just cut out some of these simple things out of your diet.


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7. Be goal oriented

Set goals, reach them, repeat. Women who have short term and long term goals are real #girlbosses. Plan ahead of time, always know what you will do next. If they're three steps ahead of the game, be five. If you're not setting goals, you're not improving. You need to be in constant flow, and the only way to keep doing that is to see the progress you've made up to now. 

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8. Don't settle

The sky is the limit. Seriously. The thing about us women is we have this intuition, this gut feeling that reassures us or tells us not to do something. You can rationalize whatever you want, but your heart will never lie to you. If something feels forced, it's probably because it is. You can always do better if YOU are better. So raise your standards, raise the bar and never settle for anything less than you deserve. 

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9. Take care of your appearance

Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway. Dress to impress, and always flaunt it! You're beautiful inside and out. When you start to give up on your appearance, you give up on yourself. Women who exude enormous amounts of confidence are usually the ones who look as if they are about to step on to a runway. Eyebrows, hair, nails and outfit on FLEEK, always. 

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10. And lastly, give back!

A girlboss is philanthropic. You don't have to open a foundationor give millions to make a difference. Volunteer at a local organization, or just help out the ones closest to you. Whatever you do, you must give back. 

The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.



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