I Went From A Vegan To Ketosis Diet, Here’s Why

I Went From A Vegan To Ketosis Diet, Here’s Why

OK real quick, I chose for the last year to go on a completely VEGAN diet. That means no meats, cheeses or dairy of any kind. I caved occasionally to fish for my B12 vitamins but by the last six months I was mainly a vegan by definition of the word. Now, after having completed a year, here’s what happened to my body :

1. I gained weight 

This could also be a correlation to the fact that I was training / doing less cardio as well, but on a day to day, I actually gained weight and a significant amount too given that I was part of the “forever hungry squad”. Something I started with my sister in law,  a nutritionist health coach at Power Me Healthy who was under the same regimen as me. Multiple reasons for this ; when you go vegan, you’re shocking  your  body especially me, who was a past meat lover. You over consume carbs and sugars in order to fill yourself and actually, I noticed that I had higher cravings for sweets and chocolate which I NEVER had before. I was actually a salty over sweet kind of gal and that switched drastically ever since. Now that I switched to Ketosis diet, I lost over 10 lbs in 10 days. 

2. My energy was lower 

I didn’t notice this until I went back to meat. I focus better now, and actually have more energy than I did when only eating vegetables. 

3. My hair got thinner

Really weird concept, but since I started eating meats again, my hair got thicker, longer and fuller. 

4. I developed acne

NEVER happened in my 26 years of existence, except for the occasional pimple. I had a full out breakouts multiple times and have never had better skin now, since I started eating meat again. 

5. My mood changed

I became more emotional, less driven and overall less happy. Again, I’m not going to blame this ONLY on the no meat eating, but wow is that a game changer. I’ve been on ketosis diet now for the last three weeks and have lost excess water weight, gained muscle and I’m eating less but healthier. Based on my experience, I don’t recommend going full vegan. We’re not ready yet as a society. Stick to your meats ladies and gents.