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Montreal has become a gold mine for real estate developers. In the last five years, condominium projects and sky lines have taken over the Downtown, Griffintown and Nuns Island areas. Yet even with all these properties to sell, there's still an influx of real estate brokers. With over 15,000 brokers in Quebec, it's hard to differentiate yourself in the market. Some will even quit or work another full time job while selling properties because they cannot sustain it as their primary job. 

That's not what Amy Assaad did. After 15 years in the business she has built a remarkable reputation with a client list that keeps growing. Assaad has over 300 properties listed, over 125 million dollars of real estate under mandate and she is now top 1% realtor in Canada.

A proud Montrealer, Assaad comes from a family of scholars; Phd and engineers, therefore going into the field of real estate was always viewed as a riskier career path. That didn't stop her for going for what she loved and building an empire.

Keep reading to find out why she makes it as this week's ultimate #girlboss. 

Why and when did you become a real estate broker?

At 17 years old I knew that this was my path. I envisioned the future, and never detoured from my objectives. 

I became a licensed real estate broker at the age of 21. Architecture had always intrigued me and I enjoyed meeting new people so this seemed a natural fit. I quickly realized that I had a natural talent for connecting people to right property and became an excellent negotiator. Before long, my clients were referring me to all their friends and family and I never looked back since. 


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What sets you apart from other brokers? Other companies?

Being innovative and organized we embrace change and lead the industry forward. I am a strong believer in details. By mastering them you create a strong pathway and foundation process and a commitment for excellence. 

Whether the clients are transacting a 100K property or a 10M property, we give them the exact same attention and service. 


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What have you learned from working in this industry for over 10 years?

Every day there are new challenges and we are constantly learning and adjusting to the market place. I learned how important it is to be attentive to your clients needs, and really understand the language and emotions of the business. I am happy to say it's second nature now. 

Every transaction we learn. After completing over 175 transactions in 2015, we are set to complete over 200 transactions in 2016. 

How do you deal with the pressure/stress from your clients?

It's the nature of the industry. It's a 7 days a week responsibility and it's a commitment we make to our clients. It's important to be patient and understand that although they may not be your only client, you are their only realtor. This is one of the largest transactions most people experience in their life. They need step by step guidance and feel reassured that they are in the hands of a professional. 


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What keeps you motivated?

Every day I wake up in the morning with energy and look forward to the challenges of the day and succeeding in finding solutions to problems. We strive for excellence and the reward of seeing the clients happy makes me feel like we achieved something great. It's extremely rewarding. 

What advice would you give young women starting out in the market?

Be patient, keep learning and surround yourself with mentors. Learn that it's all about the people [client].

What does a "girl boss" represent to you?

I consider myself more of a team leader. Every individual has their strengths and weaknesses and combined together as a team, we become a power house. We are a team of 8 licensed real estate brokers and although none of us are blood related, we are truly a family. The dynamic we share and values and objectives are all in line. It starts from the foundation, and we really have a strong platform. We all share the value of having a personal commitment to both clients and colleagues and enjoy a fantastic and cohesive work environment. 


Photo cred - Amy Assaad

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