Attorney By Trade, Entrepreneur At Heart

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Attorney, Entrepreneur, Speaker are just a few of the titles Me Jamie Benizri carries. This Montreal sensation proves that anything is possible. He's the CEO and Senior Attorney at Legal Logik, Co-Funder of and still finds time in his busy schedule to run marathons and sit on many professional boards. He wakes up at 4 am and his internal motivation and drive will blow you away. Keep reading to find out the true meaning of hustling your heart out. 

Tell me about your career path and what led you to launch Legal Logik. 

I started off in Science, physiology at McGill and with a minor in Business. I jumped into law school at University of Sherbrooke. I came back to be a prosecutor for the city 2-3 days a week while working in private practice. 

When I started my firm, I had a really good overview of how I saw myself and my practice.

What differentiates you in the market ?

Legal Logik offers legal services for the modern era with fixed-pricing, online service packaging catered to clients and with a pool of contacts to connect you with.

Trying to re-conceptualize what it is to have access to a lawyer - [people] don't want to spend big bucks on lawyer fees, ad they often take a chance and download some garbage boilerplate contract on google that can destroy their business. I wanted to give people a medium to get the advice you need but not be excessive about it - if you're going into a venture with your best friend I'm trying not to spend five hours going over abstract legal concepts with you. My purpose is to get you what you need by using common legal tricks of the trade leveraged by technology. I spent the last five years beating on the innovation drum and it's finally catching on.

I started by myself then people started coming in, we started getting interns and lawyers, building organically.

Have you noticed that social media impacted the organic growth of your company ? 

We're really in tuned with what we're doing, it's become the speed of execution that we can do things at. The turnaround time for the output of our content has become really fast because I know the look I want, the sound, the angles. With time you start getting in tuned with your social media voice, you can start making magic with it. 

The hard part is maintaining a responsible base line level of activity without nauseating my audience and without lowering the quality of our content but still being a lawyer. 

It's not like I'm selling a product I can do everything I'm doing without being on the assembly line, but I'm selling services that are so intrinsically tied to me that people still expect me to be there. Tomorrow morning I need to be in court - I'm still involved in files.

Now it's the 80/20 rule. 80% of my clients are taking 20% of my core time, and the rest I can do fun stuff and work on my personal branding.

What's your secret to being so successful and so young ?

Waking up early is so key. I would get nothing done if I don't get 2 hours of emails at night and 2 hours of deep concentration work and running in the morning - that's crucial because I don't do anything during the day. The day is reserved for meeting clients, staff and putting our fires, so if I don't have time to empty my emails and coordinate my days, I wouldn't be as "everywhere" as people think I am.

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