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"Create the love you want" is her motto and she's the living proof that it really works! We've all struggled with self love once upon a time, some of us still fighting the battle on a daily basis. Love Coach and Speaker Diana Eskander will heal you with her concepts, her workshops and her soothing energy that touches everyone around her. Goss Club sat down with Diana to find out what makes her so intuitive in this department. Now this, you'll love to hear!

What made you decide to become a love coach?

My journey to becoming a Love Coach was born out of my genuine desire to shift the conversation about relationships to a more empowering one. I wanted to make this area in peoples lives flow with ease and joy, so that they can spend their time and energy on thriving – not worrying about relationships.

I had three failed relationships on the way to meeting my husband, and it seemed like all those relationships were helping me refine my desire of what I really wanted. 

How did you start in this field?

I studied commerce and marketing, which taught me time management skills, I am also certified as a "theta" healer which helps me dig and heal other peoples beliefs. After school, I had a very winding pass, and you can say I've been doing love coaching my whole life since I was nine years old - I started giving advice about relationships and it was my sisters friends who were seven years older than me. Professionally, I've been love coaching for a year.

Do you implement psychology in your practice?

It touches a lot of different fields - you have to know so much. Every time I write an article, I have a few psychologist friends that'll review it and they're like: how do you know so much about psychology. I've done a lot of reading in my life, some learning, I observe a lot - I observe interactions and also just knowing myself. Seeing the shifts I've gone through has really helped me to see how you can progress and evolve. It's not even that you have to be someone better, you already came out perfect - Peeling off the layers - hiding that love that you already have so instinctively, that's what it's about.

Did something trigger you to do this? When did you have this eye opening?

For me it was really my own relationships -  I had three back to back relationships, very much back to back. And they all had their fair share of struggles. So I took some time alone and reflected. [Taking that time by myself] made me see a very clear pattern I had created and I wasn't being appreciated. I depended on my boyfriends for happiness and I realized it's because I wasn't appreciating myself and I didn't know how to make myself happy. For me it was like a journey - let's make that happen. With that I became the person that I wanted to be in a relationship with, I was awesome and fun and loving and confident. It was really a serendipitous meeting with Jack, who's now my husband.

The common thread through all the strategies I work on with my clients is self-love and awareness. Even when you find the person and you're in a great relationship, you need to keep these up. 


After chowing down on our lunch bowls from @lekitchenmtl and sippin on @joysofliving juices, we moved into a guided mediation, led by yours truly. This was moment was beyond magical. And as we came to the end of the meditation, I had the ladies place their hands on their hearts and repeat these words after me: I am so worthy. I am so loved. I love to love. I love to be loved. I am love. Then we all gave ourselves a big warm hug. As I opened my eyes and looked out onto the room of women, eyes closed, embracing themselves, with smiles and tears running down their faces, I was done for. Total heart explosion, and I couldn’t contain my tears any longer. It was powerful, beautiful and by far my favourite moment of the day. Link to full event recap in bio 👆🏽#askdiana #lovecoach #feelingmyself #selflove #iamlove #retreat #mtlevents #workshop #selfcare #shininghearts #heartsopen #mind #body #spirit #loveintheair #love #relationships #self #wisdomwednesdays

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Is there a specific clientele you work with?

I make sure to attract people who are ready to make a change in perspective and they want the change - and I only work with people who are willing to implement and make small incremental shifts that lead to huge transformations. [But] if I see that someone doesn't want to take the time - it's not a match. Because I refuse to work with somebody who's going to say it didn't work well. I want everyone to be a success story. I am fully committed to them doing well. 

What patterns do you see in your female clients? 

I would say that we are all stuck in certain patterns and stories that it's a matter of just allowing yourself to change the story - even if you don't see the evidence of it yet but projecting the story you would rather be living. I see that people are stuck in the story they have experienced instead of believing that there's more to come that's totally different.

In terms of things that are more challenging, everyone I ask if they love themselves they say: yes. But when we dig, and it comes with everybody - there's an area where you can love yourself more. The way you know that is getting more honest with yourself about the thing you tell yourself, things you say. Are you as nice with yourself when you fail as you are when you succeed? How hard are you on yourself? There's just a lot of story base, lack of self love, a lot of fear and doubt.

What advice would you give young women in terms of their love lives and how they should view their relationships in the future?

Be very mindful of nurturing the relationship with yourself first and always. It doesn't mean that if you're already in a relationship you're screwed - you can start and continue. Self love truly is the foundation of everything you want to get from your partner, be willing to give it to yourself first. The flowers you want him to give you? Give them to yourself. Be in the essence of the type of person you want to be with. Be committed to being that person to yourself and you will not have trouble. 

The person that's around you will either be inspired and line up to treat you the way you treat yourself or if you're just too positive for him or her, they will fizzle out of your life. It will naturally come to its end.

As a business owner, how do you disconnect?

I do have a flow to my week that I try to respect. I do not pick up my calls on Saturdays. I don't book calls the end past 8:30 pm. All my coaching is done over the phone, they're recorded. 

Meditation has hugely improved my ability to stay calm. I've recently taken up yoga, which has been awesome. When I'm with friends, family or my husband I'm really good at disconnecting. I am obsessed with my work so it is hard at times.

What keeps you motivated?

Love. It's cheesy for sure but everyone who knows me knows that love is my language - I love myself and I have no problem saying that to my husband. I encourage my clients to say the same and to take pride in loving themselves. Love can be fun, it doesn't have to be so hard and daunting and dramatic. It can bring harmony and joy and filled with ease and that's a big part of what I do I want to soothe the anxiety around dating and relationships. 

What advice would you give young entrepreneurs starting their own company?

Take it one step at a time. Set the foundation really strong, so that you have something really solid to hold you as you grow. The best teachers, are the best students. So you have to learn constantly and most of all, get out there and share. Give value and don't ever be afraid of giving. 

What are your future projects for Ask Diana?

I have a webinar called "How To Create The Love You Want" coming up on Wednesday June 7 at 7 pm.- you can register here.

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