Awakening Spirit | The Journey of Maria Jovanovic

From War-Torn Belgrade to Entrepreneurial Spirituality – Embracing Adversity as a Path to Personal and Professional Transformation

Marija Jovanovic is a visionary entrepreneur whose life’s journey has been shaped by resilience, spiritual awakening, and a profound commitment to personal development. Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Marija’s adolescence was marked by the upheaval of civil war, prompting her family’s emigration to New Zealand when she was thirteen. This pivotal event sparked her exploration of healing and spirituality, laying the foundation for her transformative path ahead.

Marija Jovanovic’s journey into entrepreneurship and spiritual leadership is a testament to her unwavering resilience and deep personal evolution. After immigrating to New Zealand, Marija faced profound challenges, including isolation and the struggle to adapt in a new environment where she initially felt disconnected and alone. Turning to books on healing, motivational awareness, astrology, and spirituality became her solace and catalyst for personal growth during her formative years.

At the age of 30, Marija encountered significant adversity, including a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy and a subsequent painful divorce. These experiences plunged her into despair but also ignited a profound spiritual awakening and a renewed sense of self-discovery. Embracing these challenges as opportunities for growth, Marija embarked on a journey of deep healing and spiritual transformation, discovering a higher purpose and a profound connection to spirituality.

Today, Marija Jovanovic is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a beacon of inspiration for others navigating their own paths of healing and personal development. Through her entrepreneurial ventures and spiritual leadership, she empowers individuals to embrace life’s challenges as catalysts for profound personal and spiritual growth.

What are some things that your audience might not know about you?

I used to be an electronic music artist and singer-songwriter. In my late 20s, I produced my own album and I have also released an EP. I used to perform cabaret shows and sing my music and things like that. Those are little quirky things that I enjoy doing. The music is still available. People can go to one of the sites and see it. After that, I journeyed into yoga and became a yoga teacher. 

That was my introduction to the coaching world, and that led me into more of a personal development and tantra world. It was weaved together for some time. From yoga, I weaved a little bit of live coaching with some of my clients and my students. Then I started talking more about tantra, sexuality and money. That side of life started to attract different people in my circle. Life coaching about sensuality, money, wealth, abundance, and sexuality and how they’re all connected with the sacral chakra, the creative womb within us. These days my coaching has taken many different forms from spirituality, business, emotional intelligence to wealth mindset and manifestation.  So all of these different elements molded into full-time coaching sessions with people, one-to-one.

What was your biggest growth and transformation while doing this work? 

My blockages and my ability to receive. The receiving part was something that I had to unblock within me. And money, understanding the energetics of money — allowing money, receiving money. It’s shifting from a poverty mindset to the mindset of abundance and true wealth — wealth that is pretty much everything — the wealth of health, the wealth of love, the wealth of friendships, the wealth of money. So that has been my journey coming into wealth consciousness. 

My family left Serbia during the Civil War when I was only 13 years old. That left a huge mark on me, living through that poverty-stricken mindset and war-torn country. Embarking on a new journey to New Zealand, that set a whole new path and journey within me that I had to unlock and breakthrough and work towards liberation, in every sense of the word.

What are your current offers?

I run a couple of other businesses on the side. I’m quite busy developing them. I’m also running one-to-one offers. My one-to-one sessions are typically 60 minutes to 70 minutes long, depending on the client and their situation. I also do one-to-one packages of five. It’s a very simple structure.

I don’t have any memberships or anything for long periods. At the moment, I’m just refining my one-to-one practice and working with that for now, but I’m planning to introduce more offers in the future.

What would you like to manifest the most now?

I intend to call in the right, aligned client, as we call it in this industry, the “soulmate client.” I know what that feels like because I had some amazing people in my life (and I still do) but I would like to create more of that. It’s such a beautiful feeling. It’s the most beautiful feeling to have the right, aligned clients. And I understand the reality of it, that there’s never going to be the perfect client, but I would like to call in clients who are aligned with what I represent so I can help them deeper.

I would also like to increase my income level and do quantum leaps. I would love to manifest $1 million a year and a global impact. I never set the time frame when I’m manifesting, I find it to be limiting the universal flow of what’s really possible for me.

Have you noticed a shift in women’s wealth creation in London?  

Yes. I do feel like I’m one of those few people here who are doing that in this part of the world. I’m anchoring the reality of financial freedom, spirituality and abundance for many now. 

Do you see yourself having a global presence?

Yes, that will be the next thing. 

What is your message, especially in Europe?

To believe we are worthy. Feeling valuable, self-worth. It’s just such a huge thing here. And money is a representation of that, especially for women. 

What practices or rituals set you up for an abundance mindset? 

I do a lot of meditation and visualization. I’ve always been very much intuitive and on the line of psychic. I always work with energy first. I dedicate a lot of my time to refining my energy centers and my energy fields, and then everything is easier from there. I can tune into strategy much quicker and effortlessly when I am set up properly, energetically, for it. I would concentrate on meditation and visualization, embodying it in my energy. Also, I do a lot of breath work daily. I do a lot of walking, contemplation, and writing. And I think that’s very much a feminine way of embodying wealth and money. 

I love the whole masculine thing where you’re just like, “Yeah, you’ve gotta do action, you’ve gotta run, run, run.” But it just doesn’t work for people like me, who are masters of energy, or should I say, mistresses of energy. It’s great, but I prefer aligned action instead of just doing a lot of action, which stresses the nervous system and then you mess it all up. I’m all about action, but taking it in a very different way from a very different perspective. Then when it comes to acting on it, you act from an aligned place instead of just running around and doing. I used to do a lot of running around and that never really fit what I’m about, so I pivoted, changed, corrected, and settled into more of what suits me.

How do you intentionally claim peace of mind and be in a balanced state?    

I do need to feel grounded deeply in my physical body. It is so important. My physical body is my everything. It’s my source of channeling and downloading. It’s like my computer. My physical body is my computer. I need to keep myself healthy and my energy field working so that I can feel the balance of life and continue the forward motion. Because the forward motion is what keeps the duality in check. I don’t fall on one side, the left side, or the right side. You keep the duality of life balanced so it’s all coming from a balanced state. It also helps with staying attached. But not too attached to outcomes, especially with business and money. It’s a secret to manifestation, wealth, or anything. 

Having that attachment, but not fully being attached, knowing when to detach, but not to become too passive and letting go of the ball. It’s forward movement that keeps that balance in check. 

What’s your magical formula for a harmonious life? 

Having fun. It needs to be all about fun for things to work. And, of course, there’s stressful fun, when things are stressful and you’re expanding. But it’s very different from having stressful and draining fun. I would say to pick the expansive fun. That is enjoyment. 

You’re stressful, but you’re enjoying the experience of it and you’re learning and you’re moving forward and you’re having fun with it.

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