Meet Sun Fox, The Tiger Woods of Tennis

Meet Sun Fox, The Tiger Woods of Tennis

While on a business venture in Shanghai, China GOSS had the privilege to meet renown tennis professional Sun Fox. Given his physique it is obvious that he is an athlete, with legs of steel and arms that perfect a backspin more so when you watch him play you know it’s not just physical appearance. He’s got the technique, the skillsets and the speed.

Can you tell us about your journey / what led you to pursue tennis as a career ?

My journey on playing tennis and choosing it to be my career. Well that’s actually the sport tennis itself is a game of passion, it is a game that reflects on your personality on court and off court. What you do in the court behavior your game plus self dedication reflects on you as a person. The game makes you stronger everyday teaching you the best of life. Millions of players every year try to make it on the ATP and WTA Tour but only a handful make it which they are called Gladiators of the Dome where they rule the game itself. It’s a game of elegance, style and pure passion.

Have you had mentors as a Professional tennis Player ?

Andre Agassi, Roger Federer and my mom is one of my biggest mentors of life who has taught me and given me the best of life. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. She is my constant motivation to keep going and follow my dreams.

One tennis player you want to play against ?

One athlete I would like to compete against is myself. I compete myself to become stronger. But I would like to play against Roger Federer to see how is it like to be on the same court as a legend.

What motivates you ?

My motivation is many areas I can touch on. I have been through a rough road trying to make it as a tennis player. Started at the age of seven. My brother plays the sport gave me a racquet from that day I never ever stopped playing with it and since then tennis has changed my life. My motivation is I look back on all my hard times and good times music is my number one motivation, the glory of the sport, being a tennis player itself motivates you, being stylish being a humble human pure and simple playing tennis at the best of it and at what you can do to make it better everyday, every hour, each practice session and mostly being a good player on tour.

What projects are coming up next for you ?

My new and next project is to conquer the world with humbleness of tennis to bring a new era! Mostly I am looking forward to my next project with GOSS fashion World to bring a newly entire era to the game. To meet and play with the best. My new destination of my goal is to reach doubles top 100 ATP and to  sign with GOSS as my new partner and to collaborate together also to give back to the fashion and sporting world. Looking forward to work together for the best of the future.

Sun Fox will be competing in Tennis Pro Competitions for the month of October. Check out his track record and scores on official. ATP website.