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Michael Peres is a man of many talents, not only did he create two successful software companies, he's also pursuing a Masters in Bio-Medical engineering as well as maintaining a high profile client list. Michael was based out of Montreal until he decided to take the leap of faith and move to the tech-haven city, Los Angeles. Find out the adventures of an engineer turned entrepreneur.

Did you always know you were very passionate about tech?

Ever since a very young age, I was more than certain I wanted to be a computer scientist, it truly felt as if my life's path had been carved out before my life's journey had begun. I was somewhat grateful for this perceived, predestined path, as I never had to question some very important life decisions. However, the more I had become exposed to insightful life experiences and knowledge the more I realized that computer science was merely an instance of my broader passion for science. Computer Science has done so much more than influence my professional career, it has provided a lens in which I see life in a more organized, and structured fashion. To me, Computer Science is a powerful tool rather than a profession, one that allows me to effectively philosophize and communicate with science.

How long have you been involved in the industry?

I was working in the industry since the age of 12. It all started off with building computers in my basement, to building server systems in corporate offices. Currently, my technical works involve an interesting mix of Software Engineering, complex system architecture, artistic designs, cloud server services and social media marketing for public figures.

How does a typical day look for you? 

My day consists keeping up with 2 extremely fast growing tech companies, an online movie streaming company ( and various other services and engineering works. Alongside my full work days, I'm pursuing my MS in Bio-Medical Engineering. In retrospect, I would have never guessed that just one year ago, locked up in the library studying pure math for countless hours, that I'd be lost in the wonderful world sciences, all while fully engrossed in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Between back to back meetings with celebrities such as Akon, Ryan Serhant, Meta World Peace to amazing all nighters working in the office, it's rather hard for me to predict where my professional career is taking me.

What advice would you give young entrepreneurs entering the industry? 

 I personally feel one of the most common mistakes individuals make when transitioning into the work industry, is their lack of patience. They tend to concern over making money, rather than the essential steps required to achieve it. If your sole focus is immediate monetary return you compromise on the far greater asset, your ability hone your skills as a master of your field. It's truly imperative one is patient in their pursuits, mastering every oppurtunity for knowledge along their economic journey.

If you are willing to go to the trenches for knowledge, you will become capable of delivering to the world what others can't. After such, you will have the confidence to lead and improvise in your own unique fashion, something which renders you an irreplaceable asset. Come to think of it, your competition becomes much of a competition as you offer something truly unique, no one can do what you, like you do. When such a philosophy is exercised making money is less of an immediate focus but rather, the inevitable byproduct of stellar service.

As a general rule of thumb: If you find yourself making important life decisions on the basis of immediate gratification, perhaps that's a strong indicator that you may be selling yourself short and passing on true importance. This idea is not confined to business, it can prove useful to any aspect of life. 

Why did you move to L.A? Did that move benefit your business?

It was a tremendous benefit to my personal and financial life. In fact, I have moved quite a bit in the past 8 years. Started in Montreal, to Israel, to New York City (studies), to San Diego, to San Francisco and finally to Los Angeles. Operating 2 virtual tech companies presented the luxury of traveling at will without economical repercussions, being that I'm not confined to any specific location. Moving around has allowed me to constantly make valuable connections with talented clients and partners throughout the USA and Canada. 

Tell me about the companies you run. - A company which aims to create state of the art websites. Artistic, innovative, custom designs with extremely lightweight code. We cater this service to public figures and companies that interest in artistic works. We do more than just make the website, we essentially take over their entire virtual division and built up our company alongside theirs. We have recently opened up a division for social media marketing, such as SEO and amazing IG marketing services. Currently, some clients are Ryan Serhant, DrinkH2 Rose. - A fast growing tech company which provides quality cloud hosting services. We look to offer useful features that our competitors don't offer at our prices. Click here for website. - Tohu Movies (in BETA) is a new and promising online movie rental company offering  competitive service to Netflix and Hulu. My position at this company is CTO. - A free service which fetches live science news updates from around the internet. This was built over a winter vacation and underlying algorithm is currently in the process of being bought out by another tech company. - Similar to, a free service which fetches live middles eastern news.

What do you credit to your exponential growth?

Hexa Tiger is about 1.5 years old and Hecto Fox is about 8 months old. Both are growing extremely fast, thankfully. I strongly feel that the reason for their success is based on what I have previously mentioned in this interview, the gift of patience and focus on education. I have used all my time prior to take jobs that made me smarter rather than richer. I only started making profit recently. I strongly believe if I had focused on solely making money in my early days, I certainly would not be experiencing the current rate of exponential company growth I am experiencing today. The education I have achieved in this patient process has given me the skills to scale up and professionally manage the complexities of a growing tech company. 

What direction do you see your industry heading in? 

Great question, there is a lot to say on this topic. I strongly believe that the professional fields we choose to invest ourselves in should not be based on the fields that are relevant today, but rather projections to those that will be relevant in a decades time. As for my assumption, I do believe that soon enough technological systems will no longer be inferior to biological systems, and biotechnology is field which holds a very promising future for biologists and technologists, alike. 

This may sound a little strange at first as biology and technology seem to currently be mutually exclusive in work and academia. However, both fields are converging  at an astonishingly fast pace, and those who develop strong skills in both fields will have a tremendous and unique advantage which such a necessity becomes prevalent. 


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