Montreal Creative Paul Lizzi Enters the Co-Working Game

04/06/17  |  Rebecca Perez  |  2852 views


There's a high demand in the market for co-working spaces, creating a trend that has surpassed traditional office spaces worldwide. Now we introduce to you Lemonade - a new office space that is taking over Montreal. Meet founder and creative director, Paul Lizzi who has envisioned the concept and brought it to life. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Paul has been a creative director managing various projects for over a decade. He has collaborated with and performed for music industry greats like Adam Lambert, Ke$ha, LMFAO, Sean Paul, Nancy Ajram, and Ne-Yo. With a background in business and marketing, a reputation to always bring things to the next level, its no surprise as to why he decided to launch a brand new co-working startup, Lemonade. His vision was to create an open concept space where businesses could interact and network with each other all the while creating amazing things.

Paul whole heartedly believes,"...all you need to do is add passion, and everything changes!"

Lemonade Co Working space is located in the fashion district of Montreal, right off Mazurette street. Set out on 5,000 square feet of space, it includes an open concept office space, a lounge, 3 conference rooms, an amphitheatre and a private phone call room. Its urban chic design makes for a modern yet comfortable atmosphere and is a haven for young entrepreneurs. 

What differentiates Lemonade from other co working spaces?  

Our competitive prices and services. We offer a special promotion of $99 a month for a one year subscription. We offer 24/7 access, receptionist, wifi, coffee, and you can workout in our urban gym. Conference rooms start at 25$/hour. It is basically 3.50$ a day!  We can seat about 50 people and have events for 150 people. We can accommodate any team or event if needed.

Our location is very central, easily accessible by car or public transportation and in an area that avoids downtown traffic and high parking rates.

How does a "co working office" operate?

Co working office spaces take traditional rentals to the next level: it's a temporary option for businesses and their team to get work done, with no pressure of being stuck to a long term lease plan. To gain the full experience of a working space, we encourage entrepreneurs to come visit the space  and schedule a visit directly on our website

Payment options differ based on what your needs are. [Basically] you can pay as you go or choose annual packages, similar to a cellular phone subscription. The prices vary according to the duration of commitment.

What future collaborations or projects are you working on?

I am presently acquiring partnerships with the Ville De Montreal, PME, Futurpreneur, Legal Logik, and Goss of course! We also are aligning with influencers that can use our space for their brand and create unique workshops within Lemonade once a month. The idea would be called, "Pop Ideas, Not Bottles.” so as to awaken and network with the new generation of ideas out there. Let’s face it, everyone is good at something, we can help them tap into that.  

What's next for Lemonade?

For more information on Lemonade Co Working Space, visit their Website.

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