Montreal Landmark Eatery Launches Sunday Brunch

04/29/18  |  Rebecca Perez  |  883 views


It's official: Café Gentile will not be serving brunch on Sundays! Today was their official launch event, which featured ah-mazing avo toast, bottomless mimosas and a selection of greens for the health addicts (such as our #girlboss @thefitfatale). The ambience was bumping more than Saturday nights in the city!

Here's why Cafe Gentile is going to be this summers go-to Sunday brunch spot: 

1. Lighting is perfect for selfies

You're surrounded by mirrors, in an upbeat decor that matches old New York with Sicilian style. 

2. Food is 10/10

Of course if you're a true Montrealer, you've been at the landmark location on Parc Avenue in Chabanel. What seizes to amaze me is how they've kept their excellence and freshness in their new location in Westmount. Whether for a cappuccino, a mid-day salad or dinner - they always deliver top quality Italian food. Now to top it all off, they're doing brunch with a twist! Mamamia!

3. Location is key!

In the heart of Westmount, West of Atwater street, parking is convenient, and you can even stop by Westmount Square for some shopping or to run errands.

4. Outdoor terrace 

The second summer will hit us (it's coming closer than we think) you can enjoy a drink with your brunch, while tanning at the same time! 

5. Ambiance 

Let's be honest, everything about this place screams "home" and let's party. The staff is welcoming, there is always a great scene and you never know who you'll end up running into at Gentile's.... Oh yes and the avo toast. Did I say that already?

See you next Sunday for Part.2