Montreal Icon Takes Over Instagram

Montreal Icon Takes Over Instagram

Meet Montreal icon #KGMTL taking over Instagram. Garbarino has been a trendsetter for years, and recently started sharing her passion of food, health and wellness on Instagram and people are loving it! What makes her stand out from the rest is her hard work, dedication and honesty about the products/brands she works with. She makes it a responsibility to answer all her fans, even on a very busy schedule. Here’s what she had to say to GOSS CLUB about her journey.

How did you grow your following ?

When I started sharing my life on IG about 15 months ago I just wanted to share my tips with people because I was always being asked. I had lost a lot of weight and maintained it and have always given suggestions of awesome new beauty finds and healthy recipe ideas. I think because I was so transparent and un edited was something people weren’t used to seeing and because of that it made people feel they could relate. Also my tips really work none of them are paid or sponsored so I think that hooked people in. 


#KGMTLCHALLENGE ROUND 6 (April 30- May 14)⭐️SAVE THIS PHOTO SO YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE GUIDELINES AT YOUR DISPOSAL ⭐️ Tag a friend and make them do it with u! Here it is People! Clean Eating Challenge! No tricks or gimmicks just REAL WHOLE FOODS for 2 Weeks! 💖 TAG #KGMTLCHALLENGE ON PHOTOS SO WE CAN ALL KEEP EACH OTHER IN THE LOOP AND MOTIVATE EACH OTHER. FACEBOOK GROUP is KGMTL Challenge! WANT MORE INFO? I have a full YouTube Video explaining it on my channel (KGMTL) THE POINT? Many of the things we eat daily are harming us without us even realizing it! Causing inflammation, breakouts, bloating, digestive problems, skin irritations, weight gain and difficulty loosing weight etc etc… Throughout my 20’s I experienced every one of these things. When I cut out these things most of my problems went away. What we choose to put into our bodies is what we will get out of it. I am hoping that with the changes you see and feel when these things are eliminated you choose to lead this type of lifestyle and see it really is doable. Keep in mind if you do not have an actual intolerance to Gluten or Dairy feel free to eat it but make sure you are choosing quality sources that are NON GMO. THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND! A lot of meal ideas and suggestions from my @kgskitchen page! I do not want you to rely on me and a pre set grocery list, the point of this challenge is to make you aware of the bad ingredients in most of the food we consume daily. You have to rely on your own judgement and learn to read ingredients and know what you are eating.. this is a part of the challenge. My hope is that that you will understand how bad these things can be and eliminate them for the most part and keep up this challenge as a lifestyle! #KGMTL💕#kgmtlchallenge

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What advice do you give on a daily? Fashion/Beauty/Wellness tips ?

I give advice from my own experiences… I am always saying “this is what works for me… maybe it can work for you” I believe that real good advice comes from those who have dealt with it. Example… skin issues such as acne… I have overcome that and I show how rather than a dermatologist who hasn’t dealt with it and just prescribes meds. I am really a mix of the three but mainly wellness and beauty and sharing how to make better choices about what you are putting into your body and on your body. 

What are the advantages of working with influencers as a brand ? 

The reach. People follow different influencers for different reasons. Align yourself as a brand with someone who shares your values and who you want to see your product being used on or worn by. The influencer creates the relationship with their follower so brands need to work with influencers that speak their brands language. It can actually be detrimental to brands to work with the wrong influencer. 

Fitness and health is a big part of your every day routine, in the past you’ve struggled with your physique how did you surmount that ? 

Consistency and routine. Trial and error is everything.. you gotta keep trying until you find your magic potion that works for you!

Self-love on and offline – what are your thoughts on the topic ?

It’s super important! Before you can “influence” and give advice to others I believe you gotta know who you are and love yourself otherwise you may not be putting out the right message. One thing I always say is… people who are trying to become influencers or bloggers for the most part should be in a good place mentally… this business is hard and you are opening yourself up to public scrutiny you gotta know who you are so when the haters come you can brush it off. 

What are some future collaborations/projects coming up for KGMTL ?

Many secret projects to come! Super excited about my first capsule collection launching in September with Lamarque! It will be a 7 piece elevated essentials collection of my fave fall items! 

What advice would you give yourself at age 25 ? 

The best is yet to come … You don’t know everything. 20s are hard… you think you have it all figured out. But you really don’t! Much happier in my 30s.

What does success represent to you ?

Earning a living doing something that you genuinely enjoy and that helps other people as well! Success is the feeling of being fulfilled not only by money but by where your passion has led you.

For more on KGMTL visit her Instagram.