Montreal’s Most Marketable Movers, M Immobilier

Montreal’s Most Marketable Movers, M Immobilier

Establishing a real estate brand in a continuously changing market is challenging as is, doing it in less than five years and gaining recognition and traction for it? That’s taking the market by storm. That’s what M Immobilier has done in Montreal and its surrounding areas. They have established a strong database of clients that understand the importance of customer service and appreciate quality. Goss Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Justin Comeau, Co Founder and brand curator of M Immobilier to discuss what it takes to build an M/PIRE.

Tell me about yourself. 

I’m a Montrealer through and through. I grew up here; and being in Montreal, (the state of it’s real estate industry, specifically), is a big part of why our brand has done so well. Regarding my background in business, I built experience as a real estate broker for six years at a traditional agency in the West Island. There, I was able to learn the ins and outs of our business in the city I love. I’ve been able to use that experience to build a Montreal-based brand that has helped shape our industry (here). Looking at it now, the fact that we’ve been able to establish such a recognized, premiere, brand right here at home is one of the things about M that I’m most proud of.

Did you always know you would become an entrepreneur ?

Honestly, I’m not sure. It’s not something I ever acknowledged or said out loud. I wanted to do a lot of different things. Then again, maybe that’s the seed of entrepreneurship. Craving different experiences. Asking questions about different types of jobs. Wondering how businesses and brands work. I may not have come out and declared entrepreneurship as my focus. But everything I’ve explored and wondered about – my curiosity – has certainly woven together my interests and gotten me to where I am right now.

Your brand reaches a very targeted niche of high end clients, what made you decide to enter this market? What are the core differences between this market and others?

So many people ask us about this. The answer is: M Immobilier is a premium real estate agency. But that’s not necessarily because we concentrate on a certain niche market. It’s because we provide a product and a service that’s in a league of its own.

Our niche lies in the fact that we’re the only company in our market to consistently, and without exception, offer premium products to every single client (every single property).

Our clientele is selective, and they choose us because we’re providing next level service that’s hard to find. We’re really proud of that. We’re also committed to offering a seamless and consistent brand experience for every segment of the Montreal market.

Tell us about your mission, core values and brand culture ?

We strive for an excellent product, and we make it available to everyone. Our mission is as simple as that. The key, though, is to deliver that consistently. Doing so sets us apart.

Everyone knows that by the numbers, real estate decisions are expensive and emotional. You’re not just buying a home. You’re setting the course for how you want to live. The representation you choose plays a big part in that.

At M, we want to deliver that excellent client service you need. But more than anything we want to deliver it consistently – at every stage of the buying or selling journey.

Wherever you experience M – from exploring your property options to seeing us out in the community sponsoring local events – you should feel that level of excellence every single time.

That’s what we’ve built our brand on. It’s also what we offer brokers who join our M family. It’s a team based culture where we’re relentlessly focused on delivering excellence every step of the way.

Where do you think the luxury real estate market is headed? Is it a buyers or sellers market and who will profit from this?

That’s the million dollar question and trust me, I get it a lot. There are a lot of ways to answer it. Personally, I’m passionate about brand building and marketing. I tend to see opportunities through that lens. Is the market hot right now? Yes. Will it last? That depends. If you think of Montreal as a brand, we

have a lot going for us. We are a hotbed of AI innovation. We have arguably some of the best restaurants and festivals in the world. All of that speaks for Montreal, and entices people to stay, or come here. When it comes to these type questions, I usually refer to Anthony (my business partner) as he follows this much more closely than I do. But the brand of the city itself? That’s a huge factor.

What’s next for M Immobilier? Expansion, growth outside Quebec etc.

We jump all over the place on this. In the earlier days we put a lot of effort into the front end of the business which stimulated a ton of growth, but in planning to truly scale, over the last year or so we’ve built an infrastructure that permits us to increase our size considerably without sacrificing the integrity of our work or quality of our products. With all of these systems in place, I would say the next reasonable step would be to fuel the marketing machine again and see where it goes. There are also a few peripheral businesses that I’d like to see develop a little more.

What does success represent to you ?

I love the idea that we created something out of nothing. Perhaps opening a Real Estate Agency isn’t totally unique. But M is certainly different than the previous options and is a brand that I strongly believe has changed the game in this industry, in this city. We’ve been disruptive in our pursuit of consistent excellence. We’ve had everyone else stand up and take notice. We’ve taken an old model and changed it up for today. All of this makes me proud. I think back to the first time that I opened photoshop and started playing with fonts and designs, pieces that ended up evolving into our first business cards, signs, materials. The most satisfying moments for me are the ones in which I notice that what didn’t exist 5 years ago has now become a household name – I love it.

Tell us about your initiation to include fundraisers in your branding. What causes do you support and why?

In the last few years, I’ve realized our ability to impact everything around us through brand and marketing. It’s helped us grow a leading real estate agency from nothing, but this significance is also something that opens doors to do some real good. I feel as though if you have a voice, it should be used – and that’s what we’ve been trying to do. Small plug: As part of #MTHINKSPINK in support of the Canadian Cancer Society we’re currently participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure for the second time. Last year we raised over $18,000 for this cause, and this year we’re striving for $30,000 by race day (October 6th, 2019). So, if you’re reading this, pop by our website and get involved.

What’s next for the brand ? Future projects, collaborations (a podcast / TV show) ?

We’re going to continue growing the agency. I’d love to keep working on the M/PIRE vlog (a “day in the life” style series that follows various Brokers at M through their days). As for a podcast, love the idea (I just need to find the time).

Photo Credit – Liam Callou

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