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Norbert Bedoucha, Empowering Women in Real Estate Industry

Norbert Bedoucha is a man of many talents. The one characteristic trait that represents him the most, is his resilience and perseverance to strive and lead. Having worked as a technology consultant with his firm for over 30 years, and surmounting a physical heart problem he decided to take life into his own hands, and fulfill a passion of his which led him to the real estate industry. “A colleague [at the time] in real estate, suggested that I should look into it”. He pursued his residential license first, and after two years got his brokers training and his business brokerage.

What led you to start your own firm?

One of my colleagues was going through a bitter divorce, and needed to be saved. Her agency was facing bankruptcy and she asked for help. I decided to launch my own brokerage and hire her. Shortly after another broker, her parents having passed away, needed help with the Will search and navigate through the sale of the estate while dealing with her divorce, thus now we are a unique upscale boutique brokerage, three women and I, using our life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly to help our clients to navigate through different situations in their lives and to ease and minimize the level of stress and anxiety of daily life.

What is something you have realized is a big problem with women and managing assets?

I have noticed, that many women are not prepared for the worst case scenario in a marriage, divorce and death of the partner. I see a lot of women confronted with separation, divorce, death proceedings that are totally unexpected leaving them unprepared and scrambling. Thus with support and recognition of their entrepreneurial spirit, given the resources to see the light these women have been able to overcome and succeed.

What advice do you give women in this dilemma?

I should preface this by stating I’m not a lawyer thus some suggestions would be primarily; women should register their home as their family residence because that precludes it being sold or mortgaged without their knowledge, and they should contact a trusted legal advisor and further familiarize themselves with the value of their property or properties, and decide if they can buy out their partner and/or maintain the property with their own revenue.

What are some types of services that you do at your firm?

Our services including : Business and Real Estate Incorporation and structures , property management and of course representing our sellers and buyers for various real estate transactions (residential and commercial). We do property analysis, cash flow analysis, financial projection 5 to 10 years, Why? A revenue property in the first 2-3 years you’re investing, next 3–to-5 years you’re profitable, 5 to 7 years you have to start making decisions. Are you re-investing or disposing of it? Tax laws are, as such, very friendly for investing and leveraging in real estate thus building up a better portfolio, but navigating them can be hazardous.The issue with accountants, is that from their perspective, they’re only looking to minimize tax liability, not tax optimization thus not reflecting the value of the property or business. From the sellers perspective they want to know how much

they’re getting from it. After 5-7 years – if you dispose – what is the value? What is your tax liability? How can you minimize it?

In your opinion right now with market trends, where should we invest?

I still see real estate investment as one of the best for the medium to long term, although uncertain, still historically one of the most reliable and best performance. Depending on each individual’s comfort zone, and their needs either commercial investment or residential or a mix. Where as commercial real estate was the better return – as you’re not exposed to régie du logement – now we’ve seen an about turn in the market towards residential investments. There’s a new niche being carved out.

In extremes – the crypto market – if you look at some of the trends both by Tesla and Amazon, they are all looking at either investing or launching crypto currencies – and there has been a lot of talk by some governments towards crypto currencies.

Where do you see Excellence Brokers heading?

Licensed in Quebec, we do transactions in Canada & USA as consultants, we have a great data base of clients with various wants and needs and capabilities , so we will continue to serve our clients and whomever will benefit from our services. I see us continuing on this track but I think there’s going to be a slight shift in our point of focus. From revenue properties to development; medical complex, research and development. We will continue to grow, while keeping our clients at the top priority.

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