Our Team

Rebecca I Perez

Editor In Chief

Rebecca I Perez is an Entrepreneur, Writer, Public Speaker, & Editor In Chief of Goss Magazine. In 2016 She founded The GOSS (girlboss) Club – a platform and a movement that profiles the amazing accomplishment of entrepreneurs worldwide who have overcome massive challenges to reach their dreams.

In 2018, Rebecca launched her first print edition of GOSS Magazine in Montreal which sold out all copies on newsstands in the first month. Goss Magazine is now an International publication with its very own Guinness World Record Stamp for “First Women Business Magazine”.

Rebecca also launched a series of Networking Events under banners WNI (Women Networking International), LLS (Luxury Lifestyle Show) and BeGossy. These events focus on leaderships, ideas, concepts and building a diverse community of professionals. Rebecca has held events across Canada, the US and China with partnership brands such as Bulgari, McLaren, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferretti Group, Bailian, and Sotheby’s International Realty. Rebecca’s key focus is to Inspire, Empower and BeGossy.om

Instagram : @rebeccaiperez

Valeh Moayeri

Chief Executive Officer

Victor Perez

Editorial Business Coordinator

Victor, has a background in American financial services for over a decade. In that time he quickly rose up the financial ranks becoming a manager in various firms. He has helped manage multi billion dollar portfolios for US clients like Deutsch Bank USA, Wells Fargo, and CITI Bank.

Victor equally devoted several years to giving back to Canadians through his work in the Parliament of Canada. Working on national media campaigns in two federal Canadian elections.

Victor has worked with several of Canada’s largest lobbies over the years in organizing large scale events and fundraisers. He has helped not only organizing events up to 10,000 people in attendance, but also also involved in the marketing that helped make these events a success.

Victor’s newfound passion is GOSS; helping empower women in leadership. Victor has always believed that by empowering women we not only do the right thing but we help women succeed in whatever they desire to accomplish and because of that society we all grow together. Victor brings his passion in causes and organizations in people he believes in this being able to give back to the community.

Instagram : @blacklabelconsulting

Sirio Berati

Creative Director

Sirio’s first attempt at photography was at the age of 13, since then he’s had a keen eye for the creative. He became part of many community art competitions which lead to the many publications of his photographs and designs in the Albanian Press. In 2015, Sirio produced and directed his first short film Argeda followed by “What if my brother”. Later that year, Sirio became a speaker for TEDed Berat, where he introduced his conception of art.

After developing his passion for photography and exploring digital manipulations, which gradually become his main focus, Sirio’s portraits made it to Vogue publications in 2017 even though he has been criticized for the controversial narratives his digital works convey, such as depression, solitude and anxiety.

Sirio was nominated on numerous occasions for 2D artworks and sketchbook development. He was employed by various luxury brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari and his artistic photographs have as well been featured in Vogue Italia.

Instagram : @sirio

Arsen Arutunian

Business Consultant

With other 10 years of experience as a business owner, having ran multiple fitness facilities out of Quebec, Arsen has ample experience in strategy, scaling a business from scratch and developing new systems to amplify profits. He’s been an asset in GOSS as he specializes in bringing businesses to another level. As a Graduate of Law, he can also provide legal assistance when negotiating contracts, mergers and acquisitions.

Nic Antonio Frederik Hallberg

Business Development | Shanghai HQ


Drew Oros

Business Development | New York HQ

Mikey Peres

Web Development

Michael Isaac Peres — Mikey to his friends — Is as a software engineer, mathematician, Founder, radio host, and a full-time traveller. Peres currently resides in Seattle, Washington, which he uses as an operating base for his various projects.

Peres was diagnosed with ADHD and other learning disabilities when he was young. Over the years, he’s managed to develop his own unorthodox methods of functioning, which have inspired his current lifestyle. Furthermore, it inspires an entire movement which helps other people take control of their own futures and do the same.

These days, Mikey Peres travels full-time while managing a multitude of different startups, including a web development company (Hexa Tiger), a cloud computing firm (Hecto Fox), and a consultant for established companies in the USA and Canada. In recent times, Peres has been helping others to learn how they, too, can build businesses and travel full-time. He is currently formalizing his lifestyle into a 10-step guide (Breaking 9 To 5). Moreover, it will instruct other people about how to do what he’s done. He’s also working on science, technology, and entrepreneurship podcast.