Paulius Gedrikas: His Journey To Success

07/14/17  |  Michael Peres  |  1028 views


Arguably, the field of technological sciences has contributed more to the success of human civilizations than every other field, combined. Concepts that seemed purely mystical a few decades ago have become nothing more than a basic expectation of our day to day lives. As time progresses, we're all becoming cognizant of the sheer power technology can yield and the deserving role it should play in our lives. For many of us, such a revelation has only recently reserved a spot in our conscious minds but for a few of us, such has been understood from the very inception.

Paulius Gedrikas, from Montreal, Quebec, has recognized the potential of technology at the age of three years old. His technological journey to success is nothing short of inspiring, and can serve as guidance to those seeking solutions to the problems that plague those in the technological domain.

Today, I speak with Paulius where we discuss his journey to success and his metamorphosis from a quiet nerd, to an explosive, charismatic figure in the technological world. 

Growing up, what made you interested in computers? 

I would have to say that it was my passion for learning and creating that led me on the path to computers.

Since I was young, I have always had a fascination with how things worked and wanted to know more. When I was 3 years old, my father brought home an old computer from work, the first computer that I started using. So here there was a box that was incredibly complex, but low and behold, you could write commands into it and make it perform actions. The instant gratification of seeing results showed me that this machine could be mastered and understood. I realized the computer was an infinite tool, because it could be used for so many different things. The more that I would learn, the more that I would want to know more: and down the rabbit hole I went!  

What tech companies are you currently involved in?

Since starting my first company at 14 years old, I have always had an entrepreneur’s mindset. 

Nowadays, my time is mainly occupied by being CTO of VoxSun Telecom, a company specializing in hosted phone systems in the cloud. Networking and communications is a fascinating field that still has so much potential to become even better.

Along with networking, servers are my other fascination in life. The company that I started when I was young has also evolved and is my second occupation. I’m the “Gorilla in Chief” at GorillaNerd, which specialized in web and Cloud hosting, and take care of operations and development. 

What challenges did you face throughout your tech journey? How did you persevere? 

One of the things that intimidated me about technology is the vastness of the field and not knowing where to start when approaching a subject. As time went on, I learned that it doesn’t really matter where you start, because that starting point will always have a number of paths to learning other subjects. These days, there are so many great websites (such as Udacity, OpenClassrooms) and resources for learning almost anything imaginable about technology, so everyone should start at what brings out the passion in them.

 Not having enough hours in a day is also a challenge that I face regularly, so productivity became something that I take seriously. I continually invest time in making sure that I’m as productive as possible and my workflow is streamlined: I build scripts to automate repetitive tasks to save me hours of time, I use software such as TextExpander to speed up email replies and typing, and cut out distractions to make sure that I’m focused on the tasks at hand. 

What advice can you give to those heading down a similar path to you? What do you attribute your success to?

During my journey, I have encountered many people who didn’t believe in me or what I was trying to do. Learning to ignore these negative comments was a major turning point for me. I believe that, unfortunately, the majority of people don’t realize or exert their true potential and limit themselves. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t or can’t do.

 My number one advice is one word: persistence. Throughout my journey, there are so many times that I had to use backup plans, get back on my feet after falling or even start something all over again. If I gave up every time I failed or had a major issue, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Tech is interesting because it can be messy and gritty, so don’t be afraid of getting dirty and make sense out of chaos!


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