Building An Empire With Power Me Healthy

Building An Empire With Power Me Healthy

Sharon Raccah, otherwise known as SHAZRAZ is an international wellness advocate. Originally from Milan, having lived abroad for most of her life she grew up between Tel Aviv, Miami, New York with residency in both Hong Kong and Shanghai making her a certified citizen of the world. What makes her even more fascinating, is her avid learning ability and remarkable peoples skills. She has mastered fluently six languages and counting, has a degree in Graphic Design and is now pursuing her love for nutrition, reiki and healing through her wellness brand PowerMeHealthy. She is what we call a women of all traits, but master of all, too. 

You’ve seen her appear in the latest edition of GOSS Magazine’s Power Issue, and now Sharon is back to tell us about her growth and love for the Chinese market. From her kitchen, to the corporate world.

Tell me the core value of PowerMeHealthy ?

My brand focuses on healing you from the inside out, through food. We are learning more and more that one of the most important things about being healthy is to have a healthy relationship with food. I have dedicated my life to instructing people about the love and passion of making healthy food, bringing it back to the basics with the outcome of how people feel mentally, physically and emotionally. Empowering yourself to good health, hence Power Me Healthy. 

What makes your products differ from the market ?

We take pride in making sure all the ingredients in our products are the best we can find ; as clean, pesticide free, GMO free and as organic as possible. We outsource natural ingredients from our oats in Australia, our pecans in South Africa, our chia seeds and goji in China, to our maple syrup from Canada.




What’s coming up next for PMH in China ?

Right now we just secured our factories here to produce bigger quantities, and we are closing deals with some of the biggest corporate companies in the country. We are also looking at airlines, airports and a few retailers that can take the brand internationally. Our goal for the company is to reach as many people as possible, through our products first but then as a movement to better health.

My focus is on showing my clients, their families and friends that living a healthy life is not boring nor bland!  One can change their life and still enjoy eating by creating delicious food that is full of flavor and full of health. What we eat not only feeds our stomachs and our taste buds, but also our cells, our blood, our organs and our souls.

I truly believe that food can either harm you or heal you.  That does not mean that we should not go to doctors, in fact I truly believe we need them,  however I also believe that if we eat differently, better and with more thought rather than just with our eyes we can heal a lot of the problems we have on a daily basis.

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