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Sharon Raccah is a woman of many talents; she speaks six languages fluently, she has a Masters in Graphic Design, has lived in some of the trendiest cities in the world, and is a certified health coach. On top of that impressive resumé she is also the Founder of Power Me Healthy; a lifestyle nutritious blog based out of Shanghai, China AND a mother of three. Talk about a woman who can do it all... I sat down with Sharon during my visit to Shanghai to discuss her growing business and her goals to empower women worldwide.

Why and when did you decide to launch PMH?

Power Me Healthy (PMH) started three years ago and became a business a year ago. I started with the idea that I wanted to lose weight for myself, but I didn't want to be on a diet [because] I've been on a diet since I was 11, and I think that's what screwed up my metabolism and thought process about myself.

About three years ago, I started researching about how to change my lifestyle, even though I was already eating healthy, I wanted a lifestyle change. I wanted to eat better and feel better about myself. Once I started doing that, I wanted to share it with other people. I had more energy, I felt better, I was generally living a happier, healthier lifestyle. I lost 25 pounds and I've never felt better!

My purpose is to go around the world, spread the word about healthy eating - and not only healthy eating because it's good for you and you're going to lose weight but because I truly believe, that what you eat can either heal you or kill you. That has become my purpose.

I still eat well, last night I made the kids desserts, I just make healthy desserts instead. I teach people through my health coaching how to go from decadent chocolate cake to my home made energy balls, or home made chocolate. I don't believe that you should completely change what you eat in order to lose weight, you just need to cut out certain ingredients from your diet. 

Where did you learn to cook?

My mother always cooked growing up but I didn't learn then, only until I moved to Miami when I was 18 years old, I had my own apartment and I didn't know how to cook. When my mother came to set me up I told her: mom I don't know how to cook and she said: okay, so she took me to Costco and got those chicken servings for one, and before she left she took the chicken out of the freezer and said: every time you want chicken, you take out a piece, put it on a plate cover it in plastic and put it the refrigerator, by dinner time it'll be thawed and then she showed me how to grill it, how to make a salad and she left me. And for six months, I had grilled chicken. Until one day I said: mom, I'm bored of grilled chicken and then she said: okay, let's make something else. 

I was always a good cook, but then when I had my first daughter it all changed. They used to call me the "baby gourmet" because Ella didn't eat any food so I used to overcook for her. I started to make everything from scratch. Living in China for over 12 years has changed my whole view on food. I try to tell people to stop buying processed foods and replace it with fresh local products from the farm or the market. 

Define your brand. 

PMH is a place where women can get the right tools to change their nutritional lifestyle and empower them to lead a healthier life. Our services include one on one health coaching, cooking classes, detox packages, and workshops on nutrition. 

What is the vision of your company PMH?

I would like it to grow online. I would like to start doing more workshops and seminars in companies. My vision is to have all this knowledge so that when people come to me with questions, I know the answers. I want to teach classes online, have seminars online, travel the world to teach people how to eat and lead a  better life.

I want to start working more with schools, and teenagers who are going off to College, and working with businesses and changing their lifestyles so they can work more efficiently and concentrate on less stress. We don't get as much done as we used to because our brains are foggy - and that connects to what we're eating. I want to help companies get rid of brain fog.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Yoga in the morning, I prepare myself for cooking classes, and then I do health coaching and then I spend the rest of the time learning how to grow my business, and spending time with my kids. Which is the most important thing and I don't want to give up time with them for my job ever, so it's my biggest struggle. Finding balance. 

For more details on Sharon's recipes and workshops visit Power Me Healthy directly here.

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