Sniper VS Viper Theory

Sniper VS Viper Theory

Oh, this one’s a goodie! How to differentiate between a woman who will suck you dry (in all sense of the word), and one who will give you an endless supply of energy and love. Be careful boys, because the thing about Vipers, they are very good at manipulating you into believing they might actually be a sniper. But they’re not. Let’s start with the explanation of these terms.


The official term of course is a gun used in battlefields to aim directly at a target. The sniper never misses his/her shot. That’s why it must be extremely thought of, precise and completed to perfection.

If we’re going to use a woman as an example here, think Amal Clooney. George Clooney had a previous history of a die hard bachelor. He spoke many times in interviews about his lack of commitment, and his thoughts on marriage and having children. Until… He got swept off his feet. We can all agree that Amal is like no other woman, which makes perfect sense as to why he had to seal the deal. She’s brilliant, a humanitarian, stunning, and a definite sniper. So with her, he changed all his rules. Today he has twins, is happily married and his world has amplified ten folds since he met his One.

Now, let us introduce the theory of the >


A viper is a certain type of poisonous snake. … Although viper is a scientific name for a particular family of snakes who poison others by biting them with hollow fangs that inject venom, it is often used generally to describe a spiteful, disloyal or back-stabbing person.

This type of woman will lure you in with sexual desires, and before you know it you’re doing backflips and slaving around town for her without really knowing why. She has you under a spell, (more like a poison) that has infiltrated your body, mind and soul. You know when you spend time away from her, your thoughts and actions go back to normality, but the second you are next to her again, the venom infiltrates your bloodstream and you are back to being hooked. Your friends and family members most likely don’t like her and they even say things like “you’re different” or “you’ve changed since you started dating/married x”.


See where I’m going with this?

To stay courteous and because I don’t like to judge or bash others based on social norms, I will refrain from showing you a famous example of this kind… But you know what I’m talking about here.

Now that we’ve defined the types, let us explain HOW to spot the difference to avoid a Viper at all costs. 

SNIPER : Close to her family / has a loyal group of friends.

VIPER : Changes her groups of friends often, doesn’t really have one loyal girl best friend.

S : Is smart/ educated, will challenge your mind and ask questions.

V : Doesn’t care to learn more than she knows, is usually ignorant.

S : She stays classy at all times. Maintains control of her emotions.

V : Uses her sexual appearance to lure men in. Doesn’t have self control. Usually lashes act / creates a scene in public.

S : She is usually in a long term relationship, and is very committed to it. 

V : Usually has been in a lot of relationships, and not stable.

S: Is rather independent, and can take care of herself financially. She doesn’t need you.

V : Depends on someone to take care of her financial needs. Will always make it about her needs first.

S : Will make you wait before having sex with her.

V : Usually the first/second encounter is when she hits.

S : Will expect emotional commitment from you from the very beginning.

V : Will expect financial commitment from you from the very beginning.

S : Will talk about your future together, how to build an empire as King & Queen.

V : Will talk about the next purse / car / home she expects you to purchase for her.

*Let us also remember that the viper could become a sniper with time, lots of effort and A LOT of therapy. Therefor, if you notice she has some symptoms of the venom inside of her, your best bet in order to save your pocket and a broken heart is to leave, FAST.*