Solstice Is Montreal's Timeless Residential Project

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What’s New for Investors in Our City?

Montréal is the city that is charming the real estate industry with enticing new development projects. According to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Association, ‘Montréal  Downtown condominiums are the latest investment trends for investors and are driving high-rise condominium buildings in downtown Montréal sales up to 30%’ ( This is a great opportunity for investors to tap into this lucrative market. High-rise, boutique condos are sought-after real estate. These up and coming projects are what’s engaging Montréal’s skyline. 

Today, the urban, professional understands the importance of functional, smart living but does not wish to compromise their lifestyle embedded by Montréal’s art and culture. Professionals are seeking to be inspired when they wish to get their creativity juices and business ideas flowing but also require a space to relax when life gets too hectic. It is imperative to  slow down and reconnect with their intuition. Solstice Montréal  is a described as the boutique hotel which satisfies the needs of those seeking a refined space surrounded by both nature and the excitement of the best entertainment of what the city has to offer right here, in the core of downtown.

Solstice Montréal  - Luxury Living in the City a la Montréalaise

What does solstice living mean to you? Designing the life of an urban professional, inspired by light and ceramics is what this 44-floor new structure represents. Smart living does not mean compromising style. Living in Montréal, one is surrounded by the arts and culture, as it is envied in the city’s DNA.

Stunning Architecture
Solstice Architecture strikes with its elegant crown but it’s the only tower that integrates a spectacular pedestrian pathway linking the city. This one of a kind design surely offers a new approach to blend in the neighbourhood.

Enjoy the work of Pascale Girardin, a local, Montréal  artist who has transformed her vision into beautiful spaces to be enjoyed by all occupants of the Solstice. According to Benjamin Sternthal, who leads with Michel Guilbeault, VP, of the development team of Solstice. “The focus on art and design isn’t by accident, Sternthal said the goal is to create an atmosphere like that of a boutique hotel: distinctive, luxurious and beautiful.” (Montréal

Montréal is right up there in the ranks of Berlin and Nagoya in regard to design and style as it was named a city of design in 2006. The Solstice is perfectly situated, harmoniously in between Mont-Royal and the St.Lawrence river, with just a short walk in either direction and conveniently close to the office. Solstice Montréal is indeed an option for those who wish to find a nice balance between work and life.

Solstice Montréal boasts clear, open spaces, airy, high ceilings with owner privileges which are all features thatt entice people to the project. One can just picture easing into an accent chair, kicking off their shoes and sitting back and relaxing with a nice glass of wine while enjoying the stunning views. The Solstice Montréal offers several additions, such as state of the art gym, wine cellar with tasting room and owner’s lounge, as well as partnerships with California’s Closet and Restoration Hardware to maximize space and to be customize to the people’s needs.

The Solstice project is sky-high to 44 floors but each unit does offer beautiful spaces. Solstice guarantees serene spaces due to superior soundproofing which enables each of their 1, 2 and 3-bedroom condos as  a haven of serenity. With the same unpretentious style, that Montréal is known for, each space allows you to rest and recharge while gazing out at the city lights. The luxury penthouses offer breathtaking views of the river, the mountain and the cityscape.’ (SolsticeMontréal .com)

The Team Behind Solstice Montréal

Solstice Montréal will be the result of a collaboration between the industry's top players. Renowned entrepreneurs Luc Quenneville and Sylvain Ménard have joined forces under the name of Consortium QMD-Ménard. Michel Guilbault, Vice-President of Development leads the QMD-Ménard Consortium. They work closely with a team of award-winning architects, NEUF architect(e)s; a development firm, Kodem; the advertising and branding firm MP1; and SIX, a marketing company and real estate agency. With this team in place, Consortium QMD-Ménard has the capacity to provide its clients with an unrivalled, high-quality residence.

Real Estate Got You Piqued? 

Even if you are an experienced investor, or you wish to learn more about design, Goss is introducing their first Luxury Lifestyle Show: Real Estate & Design Edition at the Ritz Carlton Montréal . For those who wish to learn about home design and new high-rise projects in our city,this is a great opportunity to meet all the experts in their industry. 


Enticed by Solstice?

Premium Sponsor Solstice Montréal is described as a refined boutique-style residential project launched in the heart of downtown Montréal, right off De La Montagne St.. Solstice brings you unparalleled luxury in a trendy environment that align with Quebec culture and traditional taste.

Visit the project directly here.: SolsticeMontréal .com



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