Sophie Alexandra Pool | A Journey of Remembrance & Rebirth

Sophie is an activator and strategic partner to elite entrepreneurs, empowering them to conquer new heights in business and life by working with their potential. She studied law and economics and has worked with and advised entrepreneurs since she was 16 years old. At the age of 28 she radically transformed her life by diving into holistic health, personal empowerment and enlightenment, exchanging her corporate office in the Netherlands for tropical paradises and spending months on end purifying her body and psyche and cultivating her natural intuitive gifts to become an activating force for others.

Sophie’s direct but tender workstyle uniquely combines her business acumen with her intuitive capabilities. Her clients take their life and dreams to the highest level through life path alignment, activation of self consciousness and strength and simplified strategies. Results include successful new launches and business restructuring, increased confidence and capabilities and accelerated personal growth, joy and freedom. In collaboration with Sophie, entrepreneurs achieve tangible success, shaping the future with more power, purpose and inner peace.

Can you share a bit about yourself and some things that aren’t widely known from your online presence?

I am here to convert the density and complexity of entrepreneurship into lighter resonance and simplicity for a more abundant, harmonious and healthier world. For this I’ve been given a natural capability that allows me to see the highest potential, power and outcomes, ‘the formula without the glitches’. I don’t see the “dark” parts as dark or the glitches as flaws. Everything is part of a beautiful soul blueprint that holds our mission, unique talents, life’s lessons and personal potential. I tune into the connection others have with the universe and their higher selves and read their blueprint components and then turn it into effective business and life strategies for the highest pathway and activate that within them. Living from this perspective makes life rather clear and straightforward. It serves as a powerful attribute in my work with clients.

However, what’s not visible in my public image is that in my personal life this perspective has led to lots of misunderstanding, bullying and rejection. It’s quite a lonely journey from time to time where at moments in the past I wanted to leave this world. For a long time I hid my natural capabilities to feel accepted and be ‘normal’. It wasn’t until I realized that these shadows weren’t in fact ‘wrong’. They were an important part of my own blueprint and formed a powerful initiation. Once I realized this, I was able to fully step into my authentic identity and began to live life from an even widened consciousness. My reality quickly changed. My world became brighter, my load lighter. I turned into a lover of life instead of a fighter, even while experiencing darkness and loneliness. 

By sharing the journey of my life so far and the big shift I could make, I hope to reflect a much needed correction away from the flaws we see in our reflection. Because they are not flaws, they are simply protection against all the doubts we have about our divine perfection of ourselves. Your potential is right here. We are worth it. We are what we’ve been looking for. We are perfect. And I hope to provide that mirror of remembrance and the opportunity to rebirth. 

How did you begin your journey as an entrepreneur? Did it happen naturally for you, or was it more of a deliberate decision?

My journey into entrepreneurship was predestined due to my familial background. Raised in an entrepreneurial environment, I gravitated towards this path naturally. I desired to delve into entrepreneurship from the get go but my parents offered pragmatic advice, suggesting that instead of formal education in entrepreneurship, I should utilize my intellectual capabilities and attain a university degree, become an expert in a specific field and then venture into entrepreneurship. This led me to dedicate myself to corporate endeavors, providing counsel to entrepreneurs on matters spanning accountancy, finance, tax, and law. 

Due to several rather painful turning points, I gained the courage to follow my passion for entrepreneurship on a deeper level and make the leap to continue serving entrepreneurs in the advising and supporting role from my own business and on my own terms.

What were those turning points in your career journey?

One pivotal moment occurred at 21 when I encountered a man. He inadvertently catalyzed my journey of remembrance. Upon meeting him, his gaze penetrated my soul, revealing facets of myself I hadn’t fully embraced. I mistook this feeling of homecoming for love. And his subsequent rejection plunged me into a period of introspection. It was painful but marked the start of an inner knowing that I wasn’t working from my own truest identity and lived my life mostly from a drive that something was missing. The path I was walking in my life was not an authentic one, and he made this clear. 

Next turning point was at the age of 27. While scaling the heights of my corporate career and advising affluent entrepreneurs globally, I found myself engulfed in a debilitating burnout. It wasn’t just any burnout; it was an exhaustive, soul-crushing ordeal that endured for over 18 months. I went months without sleep, severe migraine and nervous system attacks that rendered me unable to open my eyes. My body began shutting down, trapping me in bed. My hearing and vision capabilities declined. It reached a point where I knew I had fully compromised myself and my life’s energy for money, success and greed, being driven by past wounds from my imprints of rejections and misunderstanding. I had quite frankly spiritually prostituted myself for achievements and status, ignoring my own authentic and inner connection completely. I had fallen in the trap of society, and subsequently I lost everything. My income, my status, my physical health, my colleagues, my friends, my clients, my car, my home and my fiance. It was a true ego death. This experience served as a profound awakening, prompting me to reassess my priorities and embark on a phase of self-healing and renewal. 

During this phase of rebirth, I delved into healing and freeing myself from internal burdens. I relocated from my home country to immerse in nature and turned to fasting, and detoxification, seeking mentorship and guidance. Shedding all that no longer served me and to come home to myself fully.

Now looking back at that 21 year old Sophie, what would you tell her now?

Looking back, every little step makes sense. From the pain, bullying, rejection, self doubt, low confidence, loneliness, family, intuitive and intellectual capabilities, studies, corporate endeavors, weight struggles and burn out. It all is here for a reason. It is my blueprint. 

So I would say to my younger self: nothing is going wrong. Whatever is happening, is exactly what’s meant to happen for you to remember and evolve. It’s all part of the process so try to let it all flow through you. Have the courage to feel. Learn to navigate with ease. Have trust and faith. Be a champion in loving life, all of life. Feel it. And stop fighting. You came here to lose yourself, to be able to remember and reconnect with who you really are and your unique power, and use it for your mission. Spread that compassion and wisdom. And know that this pain you are going through is to gain enormous strength. This pain is your power. This is the invitation.

“This pain is your power. This is the invitation.”

But it doesn’t matter if it’s the dark, the light, or everything in between. It isn’t about the waves you’re surfing, it’s about the consciousness of what’s going on at a deeper level underneath the surface waves and the pauses in between. It’s about the remembrance of who you are, your completeness, so you learn to stay centered in a world of chaos and bring that simplicity and serve others from this groundedness for the highest good. So they remember their own holy nature. And from that inner personal power create and shapeshift the world into a more harmonious one by their entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Could you elaborate on your approach to guiding entrepreneurs and activating their potential?

My highest expression is to align entrepreneurs with their potential and guide them to personal mastery and accelerated business success from a place of fulfillment and completeness. In essence, I’m here to bring a new model of holistic success for more inner and outer wealth. This involves a few steps that I have carefully designed for effective results. 

Firstly, I offer a short-term intensive business experience at energy-charged locations on this planet, internationally, to guide the activation process into their potential and full power. They step out of their day-to-day environment, and come into boutique hospitality, surrounded by raw beautiful nature and quiet luxury. This is my initial way of working with clients.

After I’ve conducted this short-term intensive direction and activation, I follow up with integration and realization support. There’s an option where we enter into a partnership. This involves a longer term private trajectory for those who desire my guidance of keeping them sharp in simplicity on the integration journey into realizing the potential and inner power I’ve directed them to. 

Next to that, I have a seasonal offer to re-engage with me and get activated and strategized into simplicity for the next season.

How do you enroll clients into your programs, and what’s the process like?

Enrolling clients into my offerings is done by a thoughtful and personalized approach. Interested individuals can apply through an application form available on my website or social media platforms. Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure compatibility and readiness for the transformative journey ahead. Once accepted, participants embark on a journey of activation to remember and rebirth, guided by me through immersive experiences.

What are you actively calling in through this Manifestation issue? Let’s call in your deepest desires.

Professionally, I’m ready for my next phase, which means I’m ready for my next level of clients—bigger changemakers so my impact, power and ripple effect can flourish at higher levels. 

Along with this, my biggest calling is to open up ultra-high end boutique sanctuaries and retreating community settings to inspire the entrepreneurs how to incorporate the new holistic success model and all its modalities into their mundane lives. Where my philosophy and concept is more deeply immersed. This is where clients can stay longer and experience a more integrated and supported way to undergo personal transformation and the realization of their higher purpose and potential without an official container and structure of my personal service. Where I serve as an energetic host and guide at the location, not just during ‘official session times’. I believe that the integration of outer beauty and inner growth creates a powerful foundation. So they will be invited to witness the combination of luxury, self-sufficiency and quality with the elements of nature, awareness, well-being and integrity. Providing a home-away-from-home feeling. Next to my own concept’s aim, the locations and facilities can be used as transformational retreat or team locations for other facilitators and part time residents’ lodges.

I’m looking at the first tailor-made location in Costa Rica, nestled on top of a private mountain, a spiraling 7-hectare estate overlooking the Cloudforrest and Nicoya Peninsula (visible on the photos in this article). At the moment I’m calling in investors and entrepreneurs who can envision this with me and join me in this realization, which is very exciting. Bringing my concept into this place will truly be my greatest manifestation and homecoming to date. In the long run, the aim is to offer the concept at various tailor-made locations across the world. 

On a personal note, I’m calling in my romantic and life partner. While I am sovereign, I’m ready to partner up with an equal and inspirational man to allow my feminine and wisdom to expand by our partnership, for me, for him and for the world. I’ve been working on examining and healing my personal wounds related to imprints of masculinity and femininity in my life. Particularly ex- partners, former bosses, and the relationship with my own father and his lineage and my mothers and grandma imprints. But also through what I’ve witnessed in the media growing up. By asking questions like: “What’s happening? Why is this happening? What can I learn from it? Why was it not safe for me to be in my feminine more? Why did I want to do it all by myself?” From a non-judgmental place. I have embraced my challenges with this as a personal invitation to turn it into gold and I am exhilarated in the knowledge that the relationship is ready for my discovery and to see it unfold for the highest good of All.

What practices do you employ to maintain an abundance mindset?

Love this question! Abundance is not what we have or own but the capability we have to see and feel the beauty of life. The gratitude for what’s there, the fulfillment, connection and inner peace. Consciousness to me is it, the gateway. Abundance is consciousness. Material wealth and success gets unlocked from this. 

“Abundance is consciousness.”

Thus coming into vibrational harmony with my inner world is what I prioritize the most. Firstly, I practice self-love, forgiveness, and gratitude. This involves embracing my worthiness and trusting in the plentiful abundance of the universe instead of allowing my ego to think from lack and scarcity based on life’s imprints. Additionally, I practice faith—faith in myself, faith in something greater, and faith in the unfolding of life’s journey. I then focus on the simple things like taste, breath, quietness, sounds and smell. These practices allow me to align with higher consciousness and tap into the infinite abundance available to us all.

How do you define living a harmonious life, and what’s your approach to achieving it?

If you imagine harmony, think of the number eight turned horizontal, with a point in the center. The left side represents our inner and energetic world, our higher self and the connection with the highest All. The right side represents our outer world, encompassing material and sensational experiences like all sensory pleasure, money, sex, tasting beautiful food, feeling heartbreak and being in love. Living in harmony, for me, means existing and approaching life from that center point in the horizontal eight. It means having the full permission to be my most personal, authentic experimental self, with all my mistakes and the joys connected to the material and sensual side of life. But while I’m doing this and expanding my external world, I always stay connected to the deeper consciousness of life itself and our greater inner energetic parts. It’s about utilizing both worlds and finding the balance between the material and the energetic aspects so we feel that inner fulfillment always. Here we see again: abundance is consciousness. It’s the gateway. The more we can live life from there, the more true abundance and sustainable wealth we will experience which allows us to create even more from a freer and grounded place which attracts things easier. And so the circle goes on.

Do you have any mantras or guiding principles that you live by?

Yes, I have several guiding principles that shape my life and work. One mantra I hold dear is “You are complete and good enough.” This affirmation serves as a reminder of my inherent worthiness and completeness.

Additionally, I believe in the power of simplicity and flow. I encourage myself and others to flow like water, adapting to life’s challenges with grace and resilience. It’s about seeing obstacles for what they are, invitations, and moving with them, like water flowing down a stream. There’s a big rock in the way, but instead of letting it block us, we see the invitation to a new course. Letting life flow through us. Because that’s what it really is—we’re like water. We have everything we need and are here to flow.

“We’re like water. We have everything we need and are here to flow.”

What message do you want women to take away from your work?

My message is one of homecoming, to remember fully and from that consciousness live life and expand lighter and easier. We are capable of achieving our highest potential and creating the life we desire from our center and by embracing what is within and already here with us. Through utilizing this simplicity, and combining it with alignment and faith, we can navigate life’s complexities and darkness with grace and resilience. Life as it’s designed makes it difficult to see this simplicity and we are designed to forget from time to time. That’s why I am here and offering my service, to make the entrepreneurial journey a lighter, more fulfilling and abundant one. So we become capable of feeling it all, going through it all, seeing the bigger picture and invitation.. and still love life. Because we remember our holy nature through it all. That’s heaven to me, and it’s right here. 

“My life’s journey is a testament to the power of remembering and rebirthing, and I hope to inspire women to embark on their own journey of homecoming and potentiality.”

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