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Hydrotherapy For A Balanced Life

Taking care of your physiological state is even more important than you think, especially as an entrepreneur. You don’t realize how many ours in a day you spend in front of a computer screen, or running around from meeting to meeting. Recent studies show that spending only 60 minutes a week at a hydrotherapy spa can decrease stress levels, blood pressure and increase overall well being. We know taking time off to pamper yourself is a luxury in our society, because it usually comes at a hefty price. Well Spa Scandinave has fixed this problem for us entrepreneurs.

For a limited time only, they are offering unlimited access memberships to their clients to enjoy the spa and its hydrotherapy treatments – Monday through Friday at anytime. I started the #30daychallenge in February and I am hooked! It has changed the way I work, the way I sleep, and my overall mood. I can’t imagine my life without it.

Here’s why I highly recommend getting this membership if you’re entrepreneur living or working in downtown Montreal:

1. The All-inclusive Spa Formula 

When you book a membership at Spa Scandinave, you have access to their all inclusive spa system: bathrobe, slippers, locker, beauty products, everything is included! All you need to bring is your bathing suit and you’re good to go. This makes its convenient and easy to take a break in the day. My office is in the Old Port already so all I have to do is pack my bathing suit and sneak out for an hour break at the spa. 

2. It brings balance to your life

I’ve been so busy with my events and printing the GossMagazine, that I haven’t had a second to myself. I’m always running from meeting to meeting, or checking emails, or working on my computer. Having one hour a week to call mine, uninterrupted my phone calls or emails is pure bliss. I look forward to my Wednesdays (which is when I usually go to Scandinave) because I’m able to regain my energy and be more productive.

3. Quality time 

Think about it, how much time in a day do you spend on your phone, laptop, or watching television. The average person spends over 5 hours a day on electronics, sometimes even more. Developing this habit of turning off for a few hours will change your perspective on things. You’ll learn to live in the moment, appreciate your time off and relax. That to me is priceless.

4. It’s good for your health

Hydrotherapy has many benefits to your health. Using the baths as directed – first cold for less than one minute and then hot for less than four minutes – you are changing your physiological state and increasing your local circulation. One study showed that 30 minutes of hydrotherapy consisting of Vichy shower and whirlpool bathing resulted in decreased self-perceived levels of fatigue after vigorous exercise.

5. You deserve it!

At the end of the day, treating yourself should be mandatory to your daily practice. Being an entrepreneur or professional can get overwhelming at times, it’s important to dedicate time to self-care.

Think of it like this, if you end up going just twice a month it becomes a worthwhile investment. You can get this offer for only $1,000 year (for a limited time only). I personally believe it is the BEST investment you can make for yourself and for your business. 

For more information visit Spa Scandinave

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