How To Stay Motivated As A Business Owner

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Owning your own company has its perks (like being your own boss) but staying motivated can be harder than it looks. Because you don't have a 9-5, you constantly feel like you should be working on your company. Having to set your own deadlines and knowing that if you don't work, your company doesn't make money requires a lot of self-discipline and intrinsic motivation.  It can get overwhelming at times!

So here's how you can stay motivated and inspired every single day to become (and stay) an ultimate #girlboss.


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1. Make a schedule

Buy a calendar. Get sticky notes and highlighters and start building your business timetable. Yes, your iCalendar is a great tool, but it's proven that writing things down on paper is more effective. You can use this template to create the perfect schedule or calendar for you!


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2. Set short term goals

It's important to know in which direction your company is headed - aka your vision BUT people forget about short term goals which is just as important! What do you plan on closing this week? This month? Ask yourself these questions constantly and achieve these goals. They might seem small but they are the foundation of your business. If you can't succeed at that, then you won't be able to capture the bigger picture. 

3. Get a mentor

A mentor doesn't have to be someone who is in your field. Just somebody who is self-motivated and has discipline. It can be a previous colleague or boss, a family member, someone you admire. Just make sure that this person is where YOU want to be in 5-10 years from now. Mimic their habits and you'll be closer than you think. 


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4. Set monthly objectives

This step is more important than you think. Setting objectives is a way to arrange your short term gaols into long term planning. For example if you wish to become a profitable company that makes over 100k in sales a year, your monthly objective could be to make 5k of sales. Whatever the case may be, it is crucial that you do this on a monthly plan in order to track your progress.

5. Listen to podcasts

Read books, join a class in your field. Keep learning! You don't know anything yet. Humans are like sponges, we love to learn, and as the saying goes "stay hungry, stay foolish". I prefer podcasts because it's easier to do rather than reading a book. You can listen to a podcast while working out, or stuck in traffic (which we spend a lot of time doing in a day). 


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6. Set daily rituals

Wake up at 6 am, meditate, have your coffee, read emails, etc. This systematic routine is important when you are a business owner. It's also a great way to set up your day and be more productive and efficient. 

7. Celebrate small accomplishments

Don't forget to celebrate the small things. If you've reached your monthly objectives, or surpassed them, it's important to give yourself a pat on the back. You did it! YOU! If you can do this, what else can you do? Prove it to yourself and keep working at it.

8. Re-evaluate constantly 

Your business or product is growing just like you are. It's okay if your vision changes over the years, or you've chosen to emphasize more on one thing instead of another. Make sure to ask yourself what is your ultimate goal? What is your purpose? Who is your target market? Has it changed over the years? Constantly ask yourself questions in order to improve your brand. 

9. Build a community of followers

Not stalkers, but social media followers. You would be surprised as to how much motivation and influence your fans have on you. If you build a strong network of followers, they will become the reason you do what you do. Just getting a message from someone saying "you've changed my life" or "because of you I..." can make you realize why you are doing what you do and keep doing it. Interact with your followers and learn how to build your brand

 10. Use a goal- tracking tool

Here I recommend Coach me which is available for smart phones. The app allows you to tap into anything you need or want to accomplish. I prefer Coach me from other apps because it is interactive and you get to see others who tap into the same goals as you. It's an easy way to track your goals, either weekly or daily and get you back into the #boss routine. 

Now that you've got the resources, it's time for you to JUST DO IT. 


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