The Richest Self Made Women Are...

06/01/16  |  Rebecca Perez  |  14479 views


Forbes just published their FIRST ever list of richest self-made women. (hand clap to all my #girlbosses). Amongst these women stand well known names such as Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, and Tory Burch. But the majority of these women, are not at all recognizable. Which made me wonder, what could they possibly be doing to stand out from the rest? The list goes from 250 million dollars all the way to 4 billion dollars. I repeat, SELF-MADE. 

I was intrigued. So I made my own list underlining three major aspects from their biography.What I noticed is that the majority of these women all had these three things in common.

Keep reading to find out what makes them the richest women in America.

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1. Marital Status

Yup, more than 80% of these women are married with children. Only a few were divorced, and about a dozen widowed. There's a correlation between being married and succeeding. Which is no surprise, given that there have been many studies conducted that actually prove you become more successful once you are married. Why? Well for one, you can use two heads to think, not just one. And if that's out of the way, you can concentrate on your goals and career plans instead of having to frantically search for "the one".

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2. Education

Another interesting aspect on the list is the type of education these women have. 40/60 of them have a Bachelors in Arts/Science, out of which about a dozen also have an MBA or Phd.

A small 10% of women only have their high school degree, and only 5 out of 60 are high school drop outs. 

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3. Age

Now this is the most interesting part. 50/60 of these women are over 50 years old! Only one woman on the list is under 30, (which is Taylor Swift obviously) and less than 10 between 30-49. 

It seems women get to their peak of success in the later years of their lives which makes sense considering that to excel in any profession, experience trumps everything. 

So if you are in your early 20's (like myself), don't stress the deadlines. Just keep doing what you love, and it'll pay off in due time. And who knows...maybe one day you'll make the list too.






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