My First Experience Traveling Solo

12/06/17  |  Rebecca Perez  |  811 views


I’ve wanted to go to Thailand ever since a dear friend of mine moved there and has been posting heavenly pictures of it. I almost went last winter when I came to Shanghai, but couldn’t find anyone whose schedule aligned with mine - so I passed on the occasion. This year I decided to say f*ck it - and just went alone. 

I got inspired by a post fellow Goss Sabrina Cassis wrote about “The Art Of Being Alone” where she writes: 

Being alone is not only a key element of creativity, but it is an essential requirement for spiritual growth.

The thought was scary, but excited me which was enough to convince me to just do it. I’m now sitting by the rooftop pool of my hotel, overlooking the beach of Wichit in Thailand and never felt so good. Here’s what I learned from my first (and definitely not last) experience traveling alone: 

1. You’ll discover things about yourself you probably didn’t know. 

It’s the FIRST time I got to do what I wanted, whenever I wanted without anyone telling me otherwise. That’s real freedom. I actually realized just how much I wasn’t doing what I wanted on all my previous trips because I had to adhere to my s/o or friends requests. 

2. You have more time to do things you LOVE.

I read four books in four days, and woke up every morning at 6:00 am. Can’t remember the last time I’ve ever done that in my life. 

3. You’re forced to communicate with strangers 

I actually met so many interesting people from all over the world - South Africa, England, Finland. Each interaction turned out to be a networking opportunity, of course. Something you don’t really care to do when you’re with a bf/gf or a friend because you’re too preoccupied with that person. 

4. You do activities! 

I visited Thailand like I’ve never seen any city before. Went snorkelling, traveled to mini islands, went jogging into the city. In the past I usually come on vacation to relax and stay indoors with my s/o, I don’t really leave the beach or the pool. I became an adventurer this time around and I loved it!

5. You’re more aware of your surroundings 

I notice so much about others around me, and my surroundings. Sometimes it would even bother me when people would approach me to make a conversation because I was so at peace, observing. There’s so much beauty in nature and in just “being” there in the moment sometimes people take that away from you.

6. You get pensive 

You start to think A LOT. I think my business grew ten folds in four days. I had to pull out my phone multiple times in a day to write things down. Ideas just kept flowing. Einstein used to call it “thought experimenting” - others call it daydreaming. 

7. You don’t drink 

There’s something weird to me about drinking alone, so I actually refrained from it altogether. 

8. You actually enjoy people’s company when they’re around 

Because you’re not forced to constantly entertain anyone, when you do see a familiar face, it’s comforting. I got to spend time with my friend who moved here, and it made my trip that much better. 

One of my friends told me I would get addicted to it, because there’s power in traveling by yourself. I used to think she was crazy, now I think people who have never done it are seriously missing out! Live a little. Do something outside of your comfort zone - it's the only way to grow. 


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