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VAMPA | Dubstep Princess, The Dark Matter, Musical Sensation

Tell me about your journey as an Artist. 

This journey has been the toughest challenge with the most surreal payoffs; it’s a passion play that is so rough and real around the edges. I started pursuing music while in college for Environmental Studies. I was fully immersed in my spirituality at that point, and kept having a recurring dream of playing music to a huge crowd, which led to me buying Ableton and learning how to DJ with no real plan in mind. My passion kept growing, and before I knew it I was making music I was really proud of. I believe there’s a long way to go before I’m able to properly communicate what this project means to me, but I think leading with the energy that I’m here to surprise myself will eventually give me the platform to do so. 

People have often commented on your cover art : where do you draw your inspiration from? 

I draw most of my aesthetic from medieval time periods and witchcraft. As a Gemini, there are two sides of me, which I’ve come to view as dark and light. I think there’s something so abstract and beautiful about drawing the connection between the two and acknowledging that you can’t have one without the other. While most of my lyrics are spiritually uplifting, I believe there’s power in overcoming your battles in life. The darker side of my aesthetic represents the human as a warrior, which has its roots in dark medieval time periods. On the lighter side, the practice of witchcraft has inspired my branding. I’ve learned that in order to manifest, you embark on a journey of becoming the best version of yourself, which comes with learning lessons with grace and learning how to love yourself. 

How has social media helped you grow your following / get to fans? We know you’re active on twitter, Instagram, is that where you mostly promote your music? 

Social media has played a huge role in how I connect with my fans throughout the years. When utilized correctly, social media provides an avenue for fans to gain a look into your life not only as an artist, but as a person. I’ve become more accessible off-stage for conversation, I can communicate ideas more effectively, and I’ve become more relatable by showing my day-to-day life. In terms of promoting my music and branding, I think Instagram takes the cake as the most valuable asset. Adding visual components to my music allows me to be able to establish themes that are sometimes hard to capture audibly, making the experience a lot more immersive. 

How would you describe your musical style? 

Singing on my tracks has provided an outlet to speak my emotions and reflect on the lessons I’ve learned, a lot of which I feel like the listeners can relate to. I’m always aiming to mix the emotional and the reflective side of my mind with the badass side. These are the melodic moments within a set that tell a story in the midst of the frenzy. When the drop hits, I try to shift the atmosphere with heavy-hitting bass that gets everyone moving again. I feel largely inspired by old school dubstep, and I try to strike that middle ground between deeper grooves and heavy sound design.

What’s a massive goal you want to accomplish this year? In the next five years? 

Within the next year, I’m hoping to broaden the musicality of this project beyond what people have grown to expect from me in the realm of dubstep. Back in college, I worked with friends at a local studio, singing on a bunch of their beats and creating a whole body of work just for fun. We never had the intention of releasing it. Listening back now, I’m realizing that there’s a lighter, melodic side to what we created that I feel really completes the light and dark contrast within my personality. I think it will be important to show each side of myself to the fullest in order to move forward and take this project to the next level. In five years from now, I plan to have the visuals, stage production, and a heightened live performance experience to tell my story to the audience. There’s so many concepts that I hold near and dear to my heart, and I want the audience to feel like they are taken on a journey when they come to see a show. If even one person leaves with the inspiration to drive their own passions forward with courage, my life’s goal will be achieved. 

You’re headlining Sunset Music Festival. You’re one of the few women artists who are recognized in your craft and doing this ; do you see a shift in the music industry right now regarding this? (Ie more women in these roles). 

Absolutely, there are so many talented women coming out of the woodwork right now. It makes me proud to be living in a time period where gender equality is on the forefront of conversation and opportunity. There’s always been talented women making incredible music out there, but I think the shift we are experiencing now is giving these women the platform they deserve to share their art with the world. More women are being signed, playing mainstage at festivals, collaborating with their male counterparts and being recognized as artists than ever before. It’s exciting to see that our hard work is truly paying off. 

Women artists that have been your inspiration over the years? 

Joan Jett, Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, and Pink were super influential during my early years. They helped enable me to accept parts of myself that weren’t viewed as “womanly” by greater society. More often than not, womanhood equated to sexuality; the less clothes and the less personality, the better. In contrast, their embodiment of strength and never taking no for an answer in a world dominated by male influence was a major turning point for my character development, as everywhere I looked it seemed women were to be seen and not heard. Presently, I’m drawing a lot of inspiration from artists like FKA Twigs, Billie Eilish, and BENEE. Each of these women make me feel like my emotions are not a source of weakness, but instead necessary for my growth and evolution as a human being. Overall, all of these artists have moved me to embrace who I am with pride. 

Where did you develop your musical style? 

I saw my first EDM / Dubstep show in high school when my friends took me to see Zeds Dead. Those two are the sole reason that my love for dubstep has developed into what it is today. I was so intrigued by their unique style that I stayed loyal to them for years to come afterwards, catching their sets at every local show and festival I could. I admired the way they merged deep and modern (heavier) dubstep elements together to make a grimy beat you could dance to, but also one you could headbang to. Over time, they introduced lyrical melodies into their buildups, which is another key aspect that informed my own musical style. I think if I had never been to that first show, the appeal of dubstep might not have developed the way that it had. 

What’s coming up next for VAMPA? 

Shows are FINALLY opening back up and I’m so excited to have a list of festivals coming up this summer and fall, and new visuals to back my live performance. I just announced my support on the Excision tour this summer as well which is a huge milestone in my career. During quarantine, I’ve really tried to hone in on expanding my knowledge of music theory, lyrical writing, and overall becoming a better producer. I have an EP in the works that I’ve been working on for the past few months which I’m stoked to play out before its release date in the early fall. Expect a lot of new music this year!

Who’s a female artist you would like to collaborate with? 

Grimes for sure, that woman has the ethereal voice of an angel. She is a huge inspiration musically with each project so different from the last. Her ability to shift through genres and styles like that encompasses a true creative freedom I aim to achieve throughout the timeline of this project. 

Twitter: @VAMPAOfficial 

Website: https://vampaofficial.net/

Instagram : @slimwavetechnologies @nubodymedica Latest on shows : @vampaofficial

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