What They Don't Tell You About The Road To Success

06/08/16  |  Rebecca Perez  |  1011 views


I speak for us millennials when I say that we are in a generation that is at constant high speed. We want fast gratification but we don't necessarily want to put in the work to get there. Maybe we're more spoiled than our parents, or maybe as Mathieu Beaudoin says "we see the stories coming out of Silicon Valley and think to ourselves, "I'll be the next Mark Zuckerberg".

No you won't. Not because I don't believe you can, everyone has the potential to accomplish what they set their mind to. What differentiates you from Mark Zuckerberg is the will power to fail, again and again and again - and instead of giving up...keep trying. It's that burning desire to succeed that some of us lack.

Because essentially the road to success is a bumpy ride. Filled with U-turns, one ways and lots of traffic. But eventually, like any destination point, you will get there. IF of course you are willing to the following:


1. Be curious

Here I enter one of my favourite quotes, "stay hungry, stay foolish". Ask questions, SO many questions. Speak to different people from different fields, different age groups. Cultivate yourself through others. Don't ever lose that hunger for knowledge, don't ever think you're the smartest person in the room. Keep learning.

2. Be consistent 

Wake up every morning with your end goal in mind. You need to develop rituals, daily routines that will eventually get you closer to your long term goals. Create a plan of action and review it daily. People that know what they want, will be consistent in their actions and will eventually get exactly what they want.

3. Get out of your comfort zone 

Ever heard the saying: if you want something you've never had you then you've go to do something you've never done? Point proven. You'll never get what you want by playing it "safe". PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. Yes you. I don't care if you're scared you'll need to get over that fear eventually. Ever heard of how a lobster grows? If you haven't I suggest you watch this video

4. Take risks

Calculated risks. What I mean by that is be ready for action. Don't be impulsive without a follow up. Have a very detailed plan, that might involve risks yes, but those risks are calculated. For example, opening a business without any funds is not a calculated risk. Opening a business that has a thought out business plan with working capital, and financial preparation is still a "risk" because you have no real guarantee that you will succeed but at least you are planning ahead. Do this very carefully.

5. You will fail 

6. You will fail 

7. You will fail 

8. You will try again

I say it three times because third times a charm! No but seriously, think about it. How many time have you done something - ANYTHING that didn't require you failing first? Maybe you tried to get into Med school - failed your bar exam, went after someone you loved, and got rejected. But did you try again? Did you get back up and applied to a different med school, studied harder, or proved to yourself that you could do it? Or did you give up after the first try and say: "it's just not for me". Nothing in life will get handed to you. As a matter of fact, the forces of the Universe will do everything in its power to make it HARD for you to get it. Why? Because it's testing your will power. How badly do you want it?

9. Be patient

Think about it like this, anything worth having will take time to get. If it was easy, you wouldn't want it. Sometimes you're not even ready for what you want. It'll come at the right time, it always does.

10. Eventually, you will succeed 

If you've read my article on most successful self-made women, you'll understand that getting to your end goal will not happen right away. It's not a race to the finish line. It's the journey that makes it all worth it. Enjoy the ride!



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