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05/02/19  |  Rebecca Perez  |  419 views


WHAT IS GOSS / Goss Club / BeGossy

An international movement made to inspire and empower leaders. What does that mean, actually? We created Goss Club because we wanted to have a community of women to support one another, to grow together and to achieve the impossible. When I envisioned having my own brand, I always knew it would be a platform where women could have a voice, where we can teach each other the basics of what it means to BE a woman. From learning how to build an empire, how to develop confidence, how to start your own business. All the way to, how to improve as an individual, build confidence, how to network for your net worth, and how to become the best version of YOU. 

That in essence is Goss. As time went on, our brand developed into way more than just a movement.. Along came:


Classified under different themes, to reach our different markets:

BNE / BeGossyNetwork our monthly events catered to different professional industries.

LLS / Luxury Lifestyle Show that showcases the latest in luxury products. 

WNI / Women Networking International, members only events for women in business. 


A special guide that outlines self made entrepreneurs, professionals, athletes and artists worldwide. Unlike other magazines ours has no dates and follows strict guidelines on what it means to be a GOSS.

1 - Success Guide, Cover Leah Lipkowitz 

2 - Bold Execution, Cover Chef Kimberly Lallouz

3 - Power, Cover Designer RozeMerie Cuevas 

4 - Passion, Cover Judith&Charles

5 - Grit, Cover Eugenie Bouchard


Our members club, which allows for brands to reach their target market / clients directly. 

Thank you for your continuous support and love, towards building what we believe is the curated lifestyle brand of the future. 

With Love,