Why Men Are Better In Business

Why Men Are Better In Business

I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man. 

DISCLOSURE : I’m going to start off this argument by stating that men have been leading businesses, empires and conglomerates since the beginning of time. Men have financial power that women have only gotten their hands on in the last decade or less. So when I say that men are “better” it’s simply because they have mastered the skill over years of experience that was unattainable to us. Yes, I am a woman in business. Yes, I own a company that literally stands for “girl boss”. Yet here’s why I believe men are still better at making it rain. 

1. They use their rational thinking brain over their emotional cortex

It’s not personal in business. Although for women, it always is. We literally can’t help it. We’re born to be more empathic, we give birth and reproduce. As much as we don’t want to admit it, we are not programmed the same way men are. Their brains work differently than ours. They don’t think about thinking, they just do. That’s why they are at the top of the food chain and will remain there.  

2. They are decision makers 

Men are also better at making decisions. They’re pragmatic, and love the challenge. They don’t overthink situations, they apply the most logistic rational solution to each problem.

3. Profit over everything 

Notice when you talk to men about numbers, it’s almost robotic or second nature to them. They know exactly how much money is coming in, how much money is coming out and when they turn to profit. Notice the conversations : we went over 30% profit this year, our net worth is now over $1M, revenue streams are over 12%… Everything revolved around negatives and positives. The more aware and conscious you are, the more money you make…

4. They don’t waste time on trivial matters

No money wasted, no time wasted. Men have a way of dealing with things in a faster way. They don’t sugarcoat it, they don’t beat around the bush. What do you want, and why do you want it? Can we make it happen? Yes/no, moving on. 

5. They understand the art of networking

Every interaction is a networking opportunity. Every networking opportunity, is a way to make money. Here is the male brain at work. They’re constantly looking at their competition in a way that drives them forward to be better. They don’t gossip or bring other people down. At least not anywhere close to how women bash other women. They co-exist and collaborate. Mergers and acquisitions, baby.

6. Savers over spenders

Men are better with money, it’s a fact. Because they have mastered numbers. They talk about it all day long. They also have less time to spend because they’re too busy making. 

7. They don’t take things personally 

This is their biggest asset in business and in life. Men don’t take things personally or get emotional the way women do. Getting emotional is not pragmatic. It will not close a deal. 

8. They have bigger egos 

Another asset [in business]. Their egos keeps them accountable, makes them competitive and allows them to step out of their comfort zones in order to get what they want.

9. They ask

Whether that’s more money, more value, more dollars off. They have “cohones” and can easily ask for what they want without feeling “shy” or as if they don’t deserve it. They know they do. Why? Because they work hard for it and they will continue to work harder until they get it. That value is recognized easily in others. It is a confidence that only few women have in the workforce. The ones that do, are  usually at the top of the food chain.

10. Business is part of their lifestyle!

Ah, the art of networking. At the gym, at the office, on lunch, and on weekends. Business is everywhere. Because business is people. Men understand this. Hence why their sales numbers are always higher.

Now as you noticed, all these points aligned are simply technical traits. Meaning they can be learned, and they can be adapted to any person. So ladies, if you want to be good in business you need to start thinking like a man, but always make sure to take off the mask when you get home – or else you start becoming one…