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Every business owner and entrepreneur knows how hard it is to stay motivated when YOU are your deadlines. Sometimes prioritizing and setting goals can be even harder than selling your product. So what I do to help me stay focused and elevated is listen to other success stories. I get inspired by watching others talk about what they love. I’ve put together a list of 10 rules that lead to success. I have gathered this information from Walt Disney, Steve Jobs Tony Robbins, Oprah and Warren Buffett. Here are 10 rules of success to motivate you to accomplish your goals for the new year. 

1. Don’t be ordinary

If everyone understands what you’re doing, then you’re not doing anything. What that means is, your vision should always be one step ahead of what you tell others. If you can be understood, you can be imitated. No one should get your ultimate vision but you. 

2. Do everything from your heart 

You have to love what you do, that is the only way you will do it well. When your work becomes your creation you can spend hours on hours “working” and it won’t even feel like it. If you don’t love what you do, you’ll give up easily. You won’t persevere, you won’t keep trying. It needs to be everything you’ve ever wanted to do, for you to give it all that you have.

3. Build something bigger than yourself

In order to feel fulfilled, you need to do something that helps others and not just yourself. Always ask yourself why you’re doing this, what is the bigger picture?

4. Don’t do it for the money 

This goes hand in hand with #2. Money won’t bring you fulfillment, you need to do it because you love it. If you find a “get rich scheme” and it doesn’t make you money in the first few months, you’ll give up. Every successful entrepreneur has spent countless hours doing work without getting paid for it. I’ve had to publish 80 articles on my magazine before I got paid to write. I didn’t care because I wasn’t doing it for the money. When you’re good at something, money will come. It’s like a magnet. But don’t let it be your ultimate reason.

5. Progress equals happiness 

“Even if you’re not where you want to be yet, if you’re on the road, if you’re improving, you’re making progress. You’re going to love it. You’re going to feel alive.” Tony Robbins said this during one of his seminars and it stuck with me ever since. This is the reason why some people will attain their goals, or succeed monetarily and they won’t feel fulfilled. The struggle, the journey, the progress is what makes you grow. The finish line is merely just a pay off from all your efforts. It’s the day to day progress that will make you happy.

6. Have a back up plan

Your strategy should have multiple strategies. Plan A,B,C,D, and even E if you can. What if your first plan doesn’t work? You have a second. You options need to be limitless. If something isn’t working your way, CHANGE your approach. Try a new one. If that doesn’t work, try something else. There are millions of way to execute the exact same thing. Until you’ve tried them all, you haven’t tried anything. 

7. Don’t listen to what other people say

Remember that everyone else’s opinion is JUST an opinion. It is also the reflection of their own limitations. They cannot see your vision. Cut out the noise. Don’t let it get to you, and keep grinding. It’s unfortunate but we have this reflect as human beings to deem anything as failure before it becomes a success. We’re programmed to “assume” that your restaurant, or idea, or product won’t amount to anything. Don’t focus on people that think this way, it is negative energy.

8. Be humble

Stay grounded and remember where you came from. Don’t talk with your ego but with your heart instead. Once you tap into this, you will not see things like you once did. Remember that every end once had a beginning. When you reach your full potential, you should always remained grounded. When you lose this, remember that you have critics and when you need inspiration remember that you have fans. 

9. Be grateful 

ALWAYS. You are so much luckier than you think. People would die to have the opportunities that you have. If you need reasons to feel grateful, check out my article on how to be grateful. Do not take your life for granted. Every day is a gift. 

10. Stay Gossy

And lastly, always remember to stay Gossy. Be your authentic self, speak from your heart, be strong, determined, be constantly growing. There are no limitations to what you can achieve. 

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