101 Top Women Fitness Trainers of Instagram

Oh, the world of Instagram. Filled with inspirations from the dreamiest destinations to travel to absolute #bodygoals by some of the most renown fitness models and trainers in the game. These women have put their time at the gym, and the results are astounding. What inspires us all is definitely the “before” and “after” photos which are always shocking.

Our bodies are truly amazing and what we can achieve when we are consistent on our vision is life changing. So here are the women who will not only inspire you, but hopefully influence you to change your lifestyle around and start getting serious about your workout routines. Remember, practice makes perfect! Here’s your motivation 101… to get the body you dream of and to start your fitness journey.

Little tip : just move your body every single day. Even if that’s just going for a run, or a walk with your dog, make it a habit to stretch and move. Then comes the fun part – get yourself a trainer OR join any of the women here who have fitness classes or apps. Be in the zone by being in the environment. It will change your life, ladies.

We present to you now, the 101 list of fitness trainers and influencers of Instagram. *List in alphabetical order as per usual*.

Analis Cruz

Fitness Trainer, Athlete with multiple workout programs to make you look and feel your best.

Instagram : @AnalisCruzx

Anna Archer

Instagram : @AnnaArcherFitness

Alex Rice 

Instagram : @AlexRicee


Instagram : @BodyByZizzo

Ali Lee

Instagram : @TheRealAliLee

Alli Jo

Instagram : @AlliSmeltzer10

Ainsley Rodriguez 

Instagram : @Ainsley

Anna Katharina

Instagram : @AKatharinaV


Instagram : @Bambiiannafit

Built by Becky

Instagram : @Built.By.Becky

Breauna Eckman

Instagram : @Fitnessbre_

Brittany Lupton 

Instagram : @_brittanylupton

Chanel Delisser

Instagram : @ChanelDelisser

Christiana Thegoddessbrands

Instagram : @Kristline_

Christie Swadling

Instagram : @Christieswaling 

Cory Hageman

Instagram : @cory_fit

Drea Thomas

Instagram : @DreaThomas

Elena Stavinoha

Instagram : @elenachristine_s

Elizabeth Aylor

Instagram : @ElizabethAylorFitness


Instagram : @emmafituk_

Emma Dillon 

Instagram : @EmmaJane.Dillon

Elli Fit

Instagram : @Ellena_Fit

Elisa Pecini

Instagram : @Isapecini

Erin Killeen

Instagram : @EtkFit

Filippa Fransson

Instagram : @FilippaFranssoon

Fiona Simpson

Instagram : @FionaSimpson

Frantzcesca Casimir

Instagram : @Frantzcesca.Casimir

Hanna Öberg

Instagram : @HannaOeberg

Hattie Boydle

2016 WBFF Fitness World Champion. She will definitely inspire you to begin your fitness journey. Her body is to die for!

Instagram : @HattieBoydle

Hebe Hiom 

Instagram : @HebeHiompt

Heidi Somers

Instagram : @BuffBunny

Hope Beel

Instagram : @HopeBeel

Janet Layug

Instagram : @JanetLayug

Jade Cargill

Instagram : @ms_cargill

Jane Campbell

She’s a #GossBabe with her very own APP and fitness courses. Check her out!

Instagram : @JaneeCampbell


Instagram : @JayfromHouston

Jen Heward, CPT, CNS

Instagram : @HunnyBunsFit

Jessica Olie

Instagram : @JessicaOlie

Jordy Dix

Instagram : @JordyDix

Karina Nicoldine

Instagram : @Karina.Nicoldine


Katelyn Runck

Instagram: @KatelynRunckFitness

Kathryn Nash

Fitness and motivation!

Instagram : @MinibutMighty_


Instagram : @Khill_fit

Kiara Phillips

Instagram : @Miss.KiaraPhillips

Kira Hamilton

Instagram : @Kira.Fitness

Kim French

Instagram : @KimFrench87

Kim Mieous

Instagram : @KimMieous

Krissy Cela 

Co-Founder of two fitness brands, and Athlete Krissy is a hardcore business woman with a body that will motivate you to get on your fitness journey!

Instagram : @KrissyCela

Laura Kummerle, PT, DPT, OCS

Instagram : @Paradigmofperfection

Website : paradigmofperfection.com

Laura Liechap

Instagram : @Lauraliechap

Lauren Drain Fitness

Instagram : @LaurenDrainFitness

Lauren Simpson 

Instagram : @LaurenSimpson


Instagram : @gainsbylolo

Libby Christensen

Instagram : @LibbyChristensen

Lisa Lanceford

Instagram : @LisaFiitt

Leana Deeb

Instagram : @LeanaDeebb

Lin Lowess

Instagram : @LinnLowes

Madison Rose Fitness 

Instagram : @MaisonRoseFitness

Maureen Blanquisco

Instagram : @maureenblanquisco.pro

Meg Brown

Instagram : @MegMaeFit

Meg Takacs

Instagram : @Meg_Takacs

Michelle Lewin

Instagram : @Michelle_Lewin

Milly G

Instagram : @MillyG_Fit

Morgan Rose

Instagram : @MorganRoseMoroney

Nashaly Maldonado

She’s a Certified Personal Trainer and talks all about Fitness & Nutrition. Join her courses on her IG!

Instagram : @SlimFitNash

Nakisha Taneil 

Instagram : @LaViePhysique

Nona Bayat

Instagram : @NonaBayat

Nebby Fusco

Instagram : @woah.nebbz

Nicole Monroe

Instagram : @DNicoleMonroe

Oriana V Torres

Instagram : @OrianaVTorres

Qimmah Russo

Instagram : @qimmahrusso

Quianna Lashae

Instagram : @Qui2Health

Rachel Dillon 

Instagram : @RachelJDillon

Santa Deck

Instagram : @TrackBaby001

Sanna Maria

Instagram : @MsSannaMaria

Sarah Magusara

20 year old Filipina with some serious abs!

Instagram : @SarahMagusara

Savannah Wright

Instagram : @savwright_

Senada Greca

Instagram : @Senada.Greca


Instagram : @sophiafituk

Stef Williams 

Instagram : @stef.williams


Fitness Coach Stefanie is an Athlete, wit her own programs. She’s also vegan!

Instagram : @NaturallyStefanie

Tammy Hembrow

Tammy is an entrepreneur, Fitness Guru and mother of two. Her brands Saski Collection, and the TammyFit App has taken over the fitness industry. 

Instagram : @TammyHembrow

Terralicia Fitness Queen

Instagram : @Terralicia


Instagram : @Tori.VFit

Victoria Loza

Latina fitness expert with many fitness courses and motivation on her APP : FIT WITH VICKY!

Instagram : @VickyTheFitChick

Whitney Simmons

Instagram : @WhitneyySimmons

Whitney Johns

Personal / Online Trainer.

Instagram : @WhitneyJohns


Fitness Trainer, Wife and mother, Zaafirah is a true inspiration for all!

Instagram : @ZaafirahRehana

Zoë Antonia

Athlete, Influencer, Trainer. 

Instagram : @ZoeAntonia_Fit

Check back for our next 101 Women of Instagram list… new subject coming out next month!

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