Aliona Tataru | Building a Successful Career as a Realtor

Under the REMAX banner Montreal, QC

Originally from Moldova, arrived to Canada in 2004 Aliona Tataru worked in the residential real estate market for only three years and is dominating the marketplace under the REMAX banner. Fluent in four languages, she is an expert on the island of Montreal and its surrounding areas. A mother of three, she is committed to her family, working hard and providing an excellent service to her clients.

When did you decide to start your real estate journey?

Before I got into the real estate industry, I worked at TD Bank – I did banking while I became a mother of three. I understood a lot about finance through this position, and wanted to excel the next stage of my life. The real estate was something I thought as having a flexible schedule and to be able to manage my kids while working at the same time. 

When it comes to working as a realtor, what has been one of the biggest challenges that you have surmounted?

The biggest challenge is to motivate yourself and keep going. There are days when you feel like you’re doing everything right and you don’t get the same results so pushing yourself,  keep going and staying positive has definitely helped. 

There are no limits to what you can achieve, if you have time and energy you can keep on going. I believe when you stop you stay stagnant so it’s always about keeping that momentum to reach newer goals.

How do you set goals and achieve them?

My main goal is to better than yesterday and to be better than the year before. I am not competing with anyone, I compete with myself. 

What is the vision you have for the next 5-10 years in your business? 

I would love to have a small supportive team of real estate brokers, my vision is to have a team based on peoples needs, respect and providing the highest quality of customer service to clients with honesty and integrity at the forefront. It’s also great to have a team to take breaks and count on each other. 

When it comes to balance, how do you manage being a mother and having a successful business?

I schedule everything. I organize my day, by the end of the week I organize my whole week and go with the schedule. When things come up you can adjust accordingly but organization is the main key.

Do you have a morning routine?

I became a morning person with my children. My routine is first my coffee, taking care of my children and then starting my day. When it comes to taking care of myself, I spend 1-2 hours a week going to the gym, reading a book just doing something to clear my mind.

What systems do you have in place to grow your brand?

I believe in providing the best service you can, to be there for clients and have the connections with them even after the transaction. 

What have you noticed now in terms of real estate investments and where people are buying more of? 

People are moving out of Montreal – Laval is booming. There is still people investing in multiplexes, but I see more people moving to the outskirts. I believe Montreal is always growing and anything in the areas of downtown, South west, even the East is still very good to invest in. 

What is your inspiration to keep growing and getting bigger in the industry?

For my children. I want to build a stable foundation for them that perhaps one day they would like to join. Their future is my motivation as well, being a single mother I motivate myself to provide the best life for them.

For more information, visit her listings page here.

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