Rebecca Perez, Author of BeGossy 101 Introduces Sales MasterClass

Rebecca Perez, Author of BG101, educates women on the selling process. The first series of a digital Masterclass this free online event will tackle the basic fundamentals of selling a product or service as a digital entrepreneur. We spoke with Rebecca on this new exciting initiative to get more insights on what to expect.

What inspired you to create this course?

I’ve been selling organically for years. I think writing my book, I discovered just how much knowledge I had inside of me, to give to women. I always want to be in service to others, and this course just seemed like the next natural step. Women have been asking me for years about how I pitch to clients, how I build media kits, how I approach a “cold” lead. I’ve truly done it all! I am hoping that women will be inspired through what I teach and it can make them instant ROIs.

What is the biggest misconception about selling?

I think people assume still, that “selling” is bad. Being aggressive is desperate, and following up is “pushy”. I talk about this a lot during our trainings with employees all the time. It’s something even my girls have to wrap their head around continuously. Once they into the practice of it, they have less resistance and on those weeks, they sell even more!

Do you think it is a skillset that women should develop?

There is definitely a need for this course. I see it with my own team, (we’re five at my office full time) and we start the week with a sales training. I used to it on Thursdays and noticed such a shift in our numbers when it started at the beginning of the week. This motivated my team to do better, so I thought what a great way to start teaching others this newfound secret!

What do you want women to get out of this course?

I really wish women would gain more confidence during the sales process. I hope that with our one on one exercises, they can tackle this openly and feel less shame around being rejected. I am hoping that they leave this course feeling confident, more sure of themselves and more ready than ever to close more deals.

Information from Eventbrite link :

BeGossy 001-101 – This introductory course will explain the fundamentals you need in order to sell anything to anyone.

Welcome ladies! This is the first level of your BeGossy LEVEL UP Training. FREE of charge! You get the first PDF + recording sent to you after the training.

How it will unfold:

– Introduction –

– Some background on BeGossy101 the Book which inspired this course. (You can get the first 11 tips of the book here for free :

– Brief about Rebecca Perez and her experience in sales. For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Rebecca I Perez, I am the Founder of Goss Club ; the first womens networking platform out of Montreal, QC. A now international sensation, we aim to be the place where women can come together to create! Get inspired with our +25,000 members of women from all walks of life and all industries.

I have built this company and multiple others with no prior knowledge or experience. Just by knocking on doors and sharing my story. I have done this in Shanghai, in mandarin, to Mexico in spanish to back home in english and french. The same fundamental tools apply everywhere that I go. I will now teach this to you, so you can become the expert in your own respective field. Starting with :

– The Basics

Confidence – Imposter Syndrome – Credibility Artifacts – Your PR-valued self

– How to implement them?

Q&A (last 15 minutes so keep your questions until the end)

Let’s make MONEY MOVES, ladies.

With love always


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