Bryce Kristall | On Building a Real Estate Empire with Passion

Meet the one and only Bryce Kristall, the beautiful, smart and driven business woman turned realtor out of New York City. A native to Long Island, whose been living in Brooklyn for over five years now. Her strong roots in the city have made her an undeniable asset on the scene. She’s been a realtor for only a few years and is making strides to distinguish herself amongst leaders in the industry. She credits her success to mentors, keeping an open mind and building on relationships, which she states “is the key to becoming successful in this business”. Find out her success journey below!

What brought you into real estate?

I am super passionate about connecting with people around me. I love hearing their stories and sharing mine as well. It was very important to me to have a career that aligned with that and allowed me to do what I love. I believe that no matter who we are and where we come from, we all have in common and that’s home. We are all more connected than we really know and I like to think about how the world would be different if we all saw that.

My biggest goal for each and every one of my clients is to provide them with results that move them. Every time I close a transaction, whether I’m working with the buyer or seller, I always want to leave them with the impression that my service and energy helped them navigate this process as seamlessly as possible. I also love educating my clients, when applicable, on real estate, equity, and wealth so they have a better understanding of the market and someone they rely on when they have questions. 

The real estate journey in New York City can be long and gruelling, but I come out of every transaction a more well-rounded agent and person, and I hope that my clients can experience the same growth. 

Did you always know you would end up in business?

Not exactly but I always knew that I thought differently and that eventually shifting my career in the direction of entrepreneurism best aligned with my strengths and interests. I was confident that my capabilities, mindset, and most importantly, my good intentions would always get me there. I was always going to put my success into my own hands. 

What is your constant inspiration to grow in this business?

My number one motivation and inspiration that I have is my mom. After she passed in 2014, everything that I do is with her in mind. She was a true GOSS. She was and still is the strongest woman I know. She was incredibly talented, a people magnet, creative and always challenged me to be a better woman while always supporting me unconditionally. She instilled in me the idea that I can do and be anything I set my mind to and I am so grateful to her for that.

I am also very lucky to have my mentor and team leader of the m Team, Melanie Metzler. She took me under her wing and continues to share all her knowledge and experience, which is rare for someone to share what took them a lifetime to build. I am very thankful because she was a solo agent for over a decade and I am the first person that she added to her team and I’ve been working with her for over three and a half years now.

What made you decide to go all in on real estate?

I was sitting at my desk where I worked as an advertiser and felt unhappy and knew that I didn’t want to be sitting at a desk 24/7. It was really important for me to be out and talking to people and doing more meaningful work. I also wanted more freedom with my schedule. I looked into different careers and that’s when real estate agent came up. After some consideration, I just decided to jump into the fire and never looked back. 

I believe  that if you’re not growing, you’re dying. I believe that it is important to constantly be working on yourself and learning or life gets boring. That’s how you become the best version of yourself and that’s the mission I’m on.

What does the best version of yourself look like?

I believe that connection is everything. In the next five years or so, I want to have a diverse network of intelligent and hard working people who love what they do and thrive to build a better future for the next generations to come. It’s all about who you know and the people in your circle and that’s what really takes you into the next level of your life. I truly believe that it all comes when you’re happy with yourself and what you’re doing and have the same type of people surrounding you. I feel like I’m on to something here and really happy with how things are going and I’m going to keep on carving this path that I started and see where things are headed.

What made you decide to join Compass?

Compass has really grown especially in the past year. When I started with them about four years ago, they were considered a start-up. It’s all about networking and I was able to get this opportunity on a team and join them and be a hybrid agent. 

Compass really knows how to brand themselves and get agents to join them, especially younger professionals in the field. I also connected with the culture, so it ended up being a really easy decision at the time. The best part is joining a startup before it blew up, which doesn’t happen every day in an industry as old and stable as real estate so I feel very lucky and blessed to have joined Compass when I did.

Another aspect that is amazing about Compass, is that they build technologies to empower us agents to optimize our workflow rather than replace us. They are utilizing technology for agents, not against agents, which is truly marvelous and quite the opposite of the corporate implementation of technology by  companies that end up taking jobs.

There is also this safety in real estate, in my opinion, where there will always be a human aspect. That’s why it’s called real estate, you have to have a real human in front of you.

What advice would you give your younger self or other women starting in this field?

Every day is such a roller coaster when you are an entrepreneur. I think the one constant is that every person is on their own journey at their own pace. That being said, keeping the bigger picture in mind and sticking to your own path will get you to where you want to go. It is so easy to compare yourself to others and feel like you’re not where you want to be but you have to remember that they paved their path as you are paving yours. You can’t compare your chapter 3 to their chapter 12. It’s imperative to understand that or else you will carry so much extra weight on your shoulders and ultimately it will cause you to deviate from your path, if not give up entirely. 

There is this Netflix show that I always keep in mind called Chef’s Table. One of the women on the show, Christina Tosi, the owner of Milk Bar, shared her experience working in a kitchen basement for ten years before her business became what it is today. That truly stuck with me.

I always remind myself that I’m in the basement still. It reminds me that I’m on my own path and to keep moving forward one step at a time. I put in the work and just watch it grow one day at a time. 

What is the biggest challenge that you had to surmount in your journey?

I think we can both agree that the stacks are mounted against you when you are a young female entrepreneur in any industry.

I think we are truly underestimated as young women, and I don’t think my age has anything to do with my abilities. It’s because I feel so confident with the process and the business that clients levitate towards me, but in order for me to demonstrate my capabilities, they have to give me a chance. I feel that they are lucky to work with me and those who give me that chance, don’t regret it. 

I always tell people that I am here to be a resource for them. I’ll never try to influence my client’s choices, but it is my job to provide as much relevant information as humanly possible to help them make the most educated and confident decisions. 

Another thing I am still trying to overcome is being what’s called a secret agent, where I am figuring out where and how much to promote myself. It’s a delicate balance and that’s something I work on every day and it gets better with time and experience.  I don’t think I put myself out there enough but I’m focusing on changing that this year.

How do you stay balanced with work in the city that never sleeps?

Burn out is a real thing especially when you’re working for yourself because no one is telling you when to stop. I really believe that our time and energy are limited resources. We have to choose how we use it and I try to be mindful where my time and energy goes. I have to put these limited assets into the right place and clients. It’s a very important skill to learn especially when you are trying to grow your business. It all comes by trial and error, and experience is everything. The most important thing is to learn and keep growing while becoming more efficient.

What does success represent to you?

Success to me is freedom – to do what you love, to make a lot of money in the process, and to impact as many people as possible along the journey. Success is not singular, it is a collective effort and the opportunity to use our resources to help people around us at a high impactful level. But I don’t think success is ultimately ever achieved – we are constantly changing our goals and expectations for ourselves. How we conduct ourselves and help other people grow along the way is a true measure of that. 

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